University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine has an acceptance rate of 4.2%. Of its total applicants, 632 receive interviews, 392 are accepted, and 207 will then go on to enrol in the school. The average GPA of students enrolled in the university is 3.72, and the average MCAT is in the 87th percentile.

Interview Format

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine interviews applicants in a traditional manner. This means that each applicant is interviewed by one member of the faculty only – who must also be a member of the admissions committee – and the interview will last for around an hour (or more). The interview is open file and ‘relaxed.’ The school outlines that it is looking for ‘interpersonal skill level, maturity, depth of motivation, soundness of decision, experiences’ etc.

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Key Dates

The deadline for primary applications through AMCAS is December 1st, and the deadline for completed UMMSM secondary applications is January 15th. Interviews then run from October through to February.

Recent Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Medicine
Is healthcare a right or a privilege?
Why medicine?
Should Eastern/Holistic/etc  medicine be incorporated into regular medicine?
Why UM over UF or USF?
Why not MD/PhD?
You’ve studied and worked in fields totally unrelated to medicine. Where did the idea of medicine come from?
Describe this specific shadowing experience.
Why do you want to come to this medical school?
What do you think about HMO medicine? How would you practice under an HMO contract?
Tell me what led you to medicine.
Name the qualities that you think a physician should have.
So, tell me about the research you did.
What disappoints you the most about medicine?
Tell me about your volunteering/community outreach.
Have you ever helped underserved individuals obtain access to care or services? Describe your experiences.
If a law was passed and you couldn’t be a doctor, what would you be?
Tell me about a time that you broke protocol during one of your clinical experiences and how you dealt with the situation.
What do you think about the current healthcare situation, and how/what would you change?
Tell me about your community service experience.
What will be difficult about going to medical school for you?
Tell me about your clinical experiences.
What specialty are you interested in?
How do you know you want to be a doctor?
What was the most exciting part of participating in the research you did?
Is there one specific experience that made you sure medicine was the right field for you?

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Ethical Dilemmas
You see an elderly woman outside the hospital, she’s wearing a gown, and seems disoriented. What do you do?
If you were on clerkship and your resident/attending came in intoxicated, how would you handle it?
If you were a first assistant in an OR and the surgeon walked in showing clear signs of inebriation, what would you do?
A  worried wife calls you (the doctor) and asks for her husband’s exam results. What do you do?
Would you give your telephone number out to patients? How would this affect you in practice?
Would you give a placebo to a patient?
Should physicians be honest 100% of the time?
Did you ever have a friend who was a substance abuser? If so, how did you handle the situation?
What would you do if you had a friend who was struggling with serious emotional problems or drug abuse?
Would you lie to a patient? Is it ever okay to not be 100% honest?
Describe a situation in which you saw a co-worker or student do something you knew was wrong, and what did you do about it?

Communication Stations​
How would you cope with having to give bad news to kids/parents/anyone?
Whenever you are asked about confidential information or other information you should be keeping secret, how do you respond?
Suppose you were rotating in the emergency department. How would you handle a difficult patient?
How would you handle an openly hostile patient?

Role Plays
You are in a PBL group, one of the group members is in the corner texting someone, tell me how you would respond to them. Go. (Interviewer plays the individual texting).

Teamwork Tasks
How do you define a leader?
Tell me about your leadership experience.

Sales Pitch Station
Tell me what makes you so special.

General / Personal Statements
What are your strengths/weaknesses?
Tell me about yourself.
What are the 3 biggest accomplishments in your life?
Have you ever violated a policy?
What do you do when you are overwhelmed?
Who was your biggest influence/mentor?
Describe a sacrifice you made for someone else.
Tell me about a time where you ended up getting in trouble and how you turned the situation into a positive.
How do you see yourself in 10 years?

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Interview Questions

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