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Multiple mini interviews (MMIs) are used by 25 medical schools throughout the United Kingdom as well as a number of medical schools throughout the world. The emphasis is on challenging applicants with a range of scenarios, knowledge based tasks and cases in order to obtain an overall impression of an applicant’s suitability to study Medicine.

Our Online & In-Person MMI Interview Courses are focused on teaching you the fundamental techniques and structures required to succeed in each of the 12 main MMI formats for the updated 2024/25 interviews. With courses designed by medical school interviewers, you will receive not only tips and techniques, but also exclusive interview insight and feedback from official medical school interviewers and medicine interview specialists.

20 MMI Stations


Our Online & In-Person MMI Interview Courses cover approximately 20 MMI Interview Scenarios, in small group settings. Students will have the opportunity to learn from fellow applicants as well as receiving personalised feedback from our expert MMI assessors, identifying individual strengths and strategies for improvement.​

Interview Experts

Our MMI courses and scenarios are exclusively made by interviewers from some of the United Kingdom’s top medical schools. Hence, you will have the chance to practice mock MMI interviews used by a number of the UK’s top medical schools.

Station Specific Techniques

With BlackStone Tutors Interview Courses designed by official medical school interviewers, you will be taught the specific techniques examiners expect for each station type.

3 Month MMI Question Bank Access

All course attendees will receive post-course access to the Online Question Bank containing 500+ MMI Interview Stations, model answers and Station Specific Techniques.

Scenarios Overview

The MMI Scenarios will vary from course to course and year to year. However, below is a general overview of the MMI categories students can expect to encounter.

​Ethical Dilemmas
Data Analysis
Calculation Tasks
Prioritisation Tasks
Scientific/Medical Topics
Role Play Scenarios
Observation Tasks
Teamwork Tasks
Communication Stations​
Case reviews/Ethical articles
Motivation and Insight into Medicine
Personal Statement Questions

MMI Techniques Taught

MMI Interview Courses will cover a range of MMI Station Specific Techniques. Below are a selection of the techniques taught during BlackStone Tutors MMI Interview Courses.

Ethical Dilemmas: 2 Sorts, 2 Sides
6 Point Approach for Data Analysis
Calculations – Volumes, Concentrations & Flow Rates
5 Step Approach to Prioritisation Tasks
​Science/Medicine Stations – Essential Information
The 6 Stages of MMI Role Play
Outside-In Approach to Observation Tasks
MMI Teamwork Stations: Key Tips and Common Pitfalls
The 7 Stages of MMI Communication Stations

*BlackStone Tutors MMI Interview Course attendees will also receive MMI Mark Schemes for each of the 12 MMI Station Formats*

Online & In-Person MMI Interview Courses 2024/25

Overview :  MMI Interview Course & Complimentary MMI Question Bank
Timings   :   AM (09:00 – 13:00) or ​PM (14:00 – 18:00)
Cost           £130

Please note. You will receive a confirmation of your MMI Interview Course purchase within 24 hours of booking, and MMI course joining instructions will be sent by email approximately 48 hours before the session.

All BlackStone Tutors services are conducted in accordance with our Terms & Conditions

A Selection of our MMI Course Reviews:

Hannah Wells
(Four Medicine Offers Received)
Read More
‘The course was absolutely excellent, in particular the opportunity to practice MMI scenarios and receive feedback from medical school interviewers was invaluable.’
Kirtan Shah
(Medical Student, University of Manchester)
Read More
‘The MMI Course and Question Bank are simply excellent. I attended two other interview courses and learnt less in those two days than I did in the first half hour of the (BlackStone Tutors) course. Thank you Blackstone and thank you Abbas.
At Portsmouth Grammar School
Read More
‘Very useful in structuring MMI answers and general questions. Booklet is very informative. Very knowledgeable teachers & constructive advice.’
Christine Matthews
Read More
‘Thank you to Elinor and all the interviewers – by far the best MMI interview course that I have been on. The techniques and question bank are also great. Many thanks
Anonymous Student
Read More
‘Extremely useful course. Taught me techniques that will prove very helpful in the MMI Stations’
At St Albans High School for Girls
Read More
‘Very useful as it was very detailed and specific about the different questions types and structures necessary for these questions. 10/10.’
At Felsted School
Read More
‘Brilliant. Answered all my questions. Great guidance and the MMI book will be very useful. I feel really confident in facing the MMI interviews.’
Anonymous Student
Read More
‘Very good course; very well articulated. Professional interviewers with very informative advice.’
Jonathan Patterson
(King’s College London Medical Student)
Read More
‘Thank you for the excellent course. The techniques are amazing and I really underestimated the amount of preparation that can be done for MMI interviews. It was also great to practice and receive feedback from medical school interviewers. Thank you so much.

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