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How Do You Handle an MMI Interview?

An MMI is a set of multiple mini interviews. You will complete a series of stations, which typically take 10 minutes or fewer. You’ll be given a situation and time to think of a response before each. Either an interviewer will ask you a question, or you’ll have to act out a scene with an

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How Does a Medicine Interview Tutor Help in Medical interviews?

A medical school interview tutor provides professional advice for various medical entrance exams, like an MMI, CASPer, etc. A tutor can give you the essential direction you need, guiding you and ensuring that your preparation is efficient. How Does a Medicine Interview Tutor Help You? Your medical school interview coach’s role is to advise you

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A Complete Guide To CASPer Test

The CASPer test is an online assessment of the personal and professional characteristics important to doctors. In our CASPer preparation course, you will be provided with a set of situational judgement test (SJT) questions, mirroring those found in the real test. An SJT is a psychometric test in which you are given hypothetical situations and

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