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​Key Information

York requires BBB at A Level, and accepts neither General Studies nor Critical Thinking. They do not specific any science subjects, but given their academic leaning and focus on research, they will be looking for academically rigorous choices. You will also need to have English Language, Maths and Science at grade C or above at GCSE. 

York Application Interview Statistics

Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
Percentage of Candidates Interviewed
Percentage Of Candidates Interviewed
Interviewee Success Rate
Interviewee Success Rate
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​Interview Structure

The York Nursing interviews combine both a short group exercise and an MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) format. For the group exercise, you will normally be expected to discuss a scenario or issue as a group. The scenario will be understandable by anyone – i.e. it will not contain any information that could put some students at an advantage relative to others. You will be assessed on your inter-personal skills and team working here. The MMI involves five stations within one room. At each station you will be given a scenario or question by one interviewer. You will have four minutes in which to discuss with your interviewer. As in the group interview, the scenario will not involve any clinical or nursing knowledge that could you put a disadvantage. Nursing interviews take place on a Saturday and last for a half day. 

What’s the Course Like?

York emphasise that their course is ‘as close the traditional university experience as possible.’ This means that whilst you have placements as in any other course, you can expect to take a full part in University life as well. Think about your extracurricular activities, and which of these you could bring to the University to its benefit (and your own).
There are three distinct themes throughout the York course, and theory and practice modules are both defined clearly – meaning you are able to focus easily for assessments. Current students say that this structure makes learning and revising relatively straightforward. Indeed, in first year you will have a different day of the week dedicated to each module, totalling three days of learning per week.
The three core themes are:

  • Biosciences and pharmacology. Here you will develop your understanding of human biology, chiefly the biology of healthy individuals, before applying this knowledge to illness and disease.
  • Psychological and sociological aspects of health and ill health; here you will explore the topic of health in context of different culture and communities, alongside examining the role of health education and ethical and legal issues within healthcare.
  • Professional development and evidence-based practice. This theme lets you broaden your emotional intelligence, reflect on the work that you do, and understand what your future role as a nurse will entail.

You should thoroughly research the course before interview, and ensure that it fits your learning style. Explaining how it suits you will reassure the interviewer that you are conscientious and well-prepared. 

Optimise Your Interview Performance

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Clinical Placements Made Easy?

York has a dedicated practice learning team, whose role it is to help you put your learning into practice. You will get the opportunity to take on a number of placements across a variety of settings, and current students state that York does a good job of preparing people for these. There’s a good range of clinical skills sessions, and York boasts an advanced Clinical Skills Unit, which replicates a number of different hospital areas. It has two bed hospital bays, an intensive care suite, a bedsit, and four bay hospital beds. You will spend time in the CSU with your tutors, developing the skills needed for your placements. The CSU has a range of cameras designed specifically for medical education, which mean you can easily review your performance. Ensure that you are able to show an awareness of the importance of safe clinical practice in a controlled environment. 

Research-led Course

York is a world-leading nursing educational centre, and many staff there are at the forefront of research in the field of Nursing. They take this research and use it to guide their curriculum – meaning that your studies will always be current and future-proofed.

​Some Key Questions for York Interviews

  • What attracted you to the course at York?
  • What extra curricular activities are you most proud of? Do you think you would continue those at university?
  • Do you believe research to be important to Nursing?

MMI Format Nursing Questions

  • A patient has come to you, angry that their blood test result has been delayed. What would you say to them?
  • One of your colleagues has shown up for work drunk. Please speak to them about their behaviour.
  • Please discuss the 6Cs of Nursing with your interviewer, and choose one in particular to focus on in detail.
  • Describe your motivation to study nursing, and the key experiences that it is founded upon.
  • Do you believe that your experience of healthcare is dependent on your background? Discuss if you believe this to be true, and if so how the NHS could act to equalise it. 

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York Nursing Interview Questions & Tips

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