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Overall Guide to Winchester

Winchester College, founded in 1382, is renowned as one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom. Situated in the heart of the historic city of Winchester, the College continues to uphold its enduring tradition of academic excellence.

At Winchester, the academic programme is rigorous, designed to foster intellectual curiosity and independent thought. Pupils, or Wykehamists as they are called in reference to the school’s founder, benefit from the school’s unique division system, which is a combination of small-group and one-on-one tutorials that supplement regular classes. The curriculum is broad, covering traditional academic subjects as well as more innovative offerings, all aimed at nurturing a deep and lifelong love for learning.

At the heart of Winchester College is its commitment to the development of the whole person. Sporting, artistic, and other extracurricular activities abound, encouraging students to discover and pursue their passions outside of the classroom. The College’s impressive facilities, including an art school, a music school, and extensive sports fields, provide ample opportunities for students to develop and showcase their talents.

Winchester College is not just a school, but a community bound by shared traditions and values. With its stunning architecture, a rich history that spans over six centuries, and a forward-looking approach to education, Winchester College offers an extraordinary environment where students can grow, learn, and thrive.

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Winchester Ranking & Results

Winchester ranks 40th in the UK by A*/A grades at GCSE Level, with 87% – however for A Level it’s 9th, with an impressive 81.5% of grades falling in this band.

What is the admission process at Winchester?

The interview process is ‘based substantially on interview’ as well as on the Entrance Exam, which will be taking in Year 8 in April or May. All pupils must take a common English paper and Maths paper. These common papers are at the Entrance level. If a candidate has attended a prep school, they must also take papers in Science, Geography and History, and if possible in Latin and French. Papers may also be taken in Spanish, German and Greek.

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What kind of 13+ Interview questions are asked at Winchester?

Academic Achievement

  • Can you tell us about a project or assignment that you are particularly proud of?
  • How do you approach studying for a test or exam?
  • Can you tell us about a time when you overcame a difficult academic challenge?
  • How do you incorporate feedback from your teachers to improve your work?
  • Can you tell us about a topic you explored outside of your school curriculum because it interested you?


  • Describe the best and worst things about your current school.
  • Can you share an example where you showed leadership at school?
  • How do you handle disagreements or conflicts with classmates?
  • Can you tell us about a time when you contributed positively to your school community?
  • What aspects of Winchester College’s ethos and approach to learning appeal to you most?
  • How do you respond when you receive a grade that’s lower than you expected?
  • Can you describe a time when you helped a friend or classmate at school?
  • What would your current teachers say about you as a student?


  • What book are you currently reading and what do you like about it?
  • Can you tell us about a book that made a strong impression on you?
  • How do you decide what books to read next?
  • What is your favourite genre of books and why?
  • Can you describe a character from a book who you admire or relate to?

Sports & Extracurricular

  • What is your favourite sport and why do you enjoy it?
  • How do you handle winning or losing in sports?
  • Can you tell us about a time when you showed teamwork in sports or other activities?
  • What extracurricular activities are you involved in and what do you enjoy about them?
  • Are there any sports or activities you would like to try at Winchester and why?
  • How has a book ever changed your perspective on a subject or issue?
  • Can you share a quote from a book that you found particularly impactful? Why did it stand out to you?
  • Are there any authors you admire? What do you like about their writing?
  • If you could have a conversation with any character from a book, who would it be and why?
  • Have you ever disliked a book at first but grew to appreciate it later? Can you share about this experience?

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