Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse? 10 Reasons For Your Nursing University Interviews

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Whilst you may be confident that your reason for wanting to study Nursing makes sense and is persuasive, you need to ensure that it comes across to others equally as well. With that in mind, it is worth reflecting again on your reasons for wanting to pursue a life as a nurse. Here are ten of the most persuasive answers to the question that is guaranteed to come up at your interview.

It is both practical and academic

Nursing is one of very few careers that combine such a degree of practical work with an extensive scientific and academic underpinning. I relish the opportunity to put academic knowledge to use in a practical setting, and find that Nursing offers this chance more than any other healthcare profession, in a wider range of settings.’

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Helping Others

I truly believe that helping others is the most rewarding thing one can do with one’s life. Nursing offers the chance to help others effectively, in a hands-on setting, where you can truly change people’s experiences for the better at what may be an otherwise dark time for them. My work experience has confirmed this belief, as I have seen directly the impact that nurses can have – and the degree of resilience that this requires on their part. I know that I have this resilience and that the role fits me. I would love to work in Adult Nursing, and specialise in Geriatrics or Palliative care, as I believe that this is where I could find the greatest challenge and perhaps bring the greatest good to others.’

​Range of career choices

‘What stands out about Nursing for me is the range of different specialties or career avenues that one can follow, all united by common themes of empathy, teamwork and lifelong learning. Whilst I do not know what exact avenue I would choose right now, I know that I wish to work within Adult Nursing. I believe that having the ability to choose my trajectory as I mature as a person and as a nurse makes it the ideal choice for me.’

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Work with people

Throughout my childhood and teenage years I have always enjoyed working with others. I find great energy in teamwork, and in drawing on shared skills or experiences to best get a job done. I love talking to others, and talking them through their problems or difficult moments. Having the chance to help others directly, whilst working so closely with other people who have a range of different skill sets, is therefore a perfect fit for me.’

Interest in a certain specialty

‘I have long been interested in Mental Health and how it simply is not discussed enough in our society, despite poor mental health affecting almost everyone to some degree at some point. I have therefore undertaken a range of work experience in healthcare roles, and have found that my interest in Mental Health Nursing specifically has only increased through this exposure. I hope to work in this field and find a role that lets me combine the practical work of Nursing with research.’

A personal experience

Whilst I was a young child, my mother was frequently in and out of hospital due to the complications of a chronic condition. Whilst she was in there I noticed that it was the nurses who would show her the greatest empathy, and bring about the greatest positive change in her mood – and seemingly her health. I resolved to understand the career and in turn to follow it myself.’

It fits your personality

‘I first became interested in Nursing around five years ago, as I noted that it fitted my personality perfectly. I’m an outgoing person who is always helping others. In school I have taken up almost every mentoring or pastoral care role possible, and outside of school have volunteered extensively to help others. I realised that my empathic nature and love of hands-on tasks would make Nursing a great fit for me, and worked to confirm this realisation through a range of work experiences both in hospitals and the community.’

Your work experience confirmed your interest

‘I initially knew only that I wished to work in healthcare. I was torn between Medicine, Nursing, or another role such as Occupational Therapy. I undertook a range of different work experiences, in each area of healthcare. Through these, I found that Nursing best suited my character. I found that each day offered a range of challenges,especially versus a role like being an OT, and that the hands-on nature of the role offered me a far greater chance to give back to others, and to change their experience of ill health, versus Medicine.

The range of aspects of patient care that you are responsible for

‘I was amazed, during my work experience, at the range of different aspects of patient care that a nurse may be responsible for. In reality, whilst a patient is in hospital I believe that a nurse is their primary caregiver, and responsible for their experience overall. Through conducting assessments, observing vital signs, or being the one that takes the time to have a meaningful conversation, a nurse can have a truly broad range of impacts on patients’ experience of care.’

It’s exciting, fast paced and challenging

‘I do believe that Nursing offers a challenging and exciting role that you would not be able to find elsewhere. Throughout my work experiences, I have found myself truly amazed by the drive and resilience of the nurses that I have shadowed. I found that I would stay over time each day, in order to see extra parts of patient care, or follow up on patients with nurses. I think that my nature – being hard working, enthusiastic and highly resilient – perfectly fits a role that is this challenging and intense. I think that in another role I would struggle to feel like I was having a truly positive impact, and doing my utmost.’

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Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse? 10 Reasons For Your Nursing University Interviews

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