Why dentistry and not medicine? 10 Key Reasons

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There are a plethora of reasons as to why one should opt for life as a dentist and not a medic. Here are just a few.

A speciality in of itself

Dentistry is a speciality in of itself and once you enter dental school, you are already heading towards a profession that’s highly specialised, skilled and focussed. In medical school, it is only on graduating and further studies that one can enter into a specific sector. This makes the whole process (arguably) an arduous one. However, for those who want to embark on a specialised pathway from the get go, then dentistry is the profession for you.

Holistic approach

Dentists take care of the entire mouth and not just an aspect of it. We treat caries to gum disease to identifying suspicious lesions. The whole mouth is at the expertise of the dentist. And moreover, you are equipped for these as soon as you graduate. 

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Entering the world of aesthetics

If good health and maintaining oral hygiene appeals to you, but so does aesthetics and the cosmetic side of health care, then dentistry is the pathway you need to undertake. Not only can dentists relieve pain, the pinnacle of relief and satisfaction as a dentist, it’s also a profession that can boost confidence, transform smiles and change one’s entire outlook on life. It intertwines both excellence in oral health with the ability to make things look aesthetically pleasing. 

Varied pathways post-university

The education pathways are different. Dentistry is a career that allows and enables a lot of flexibility for those that wish for it and also a pathway for extra learning, skill development and further studies post university for those that wish to take this path as well. It allows both part time and full time, it enables one to pursue other passions outside of work without having to commit to lengthy night shifts and ever-changing rotas. It definitely presents an excellent work-life balance. 

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First hand experience right from the start

Dentistry is a career whereby you get a feel for the profession as soon as you commence dental school. Straight away, you learn dental anatomy and from a few months in, one can be shadowing dentists and not long after, performing their first fillings and simple procedures. In dental school, in the early stages, you get a first-hand feel into what life as a dentist can be like. It doesn’t take till the end of 5 long years of studying to really know what you’re getting yourself into.
You are a fully fledged dentist as soon as you graduate. You are equipped with all essential skills to carry out every procedure that a general dentist should be able to do. The only thing left is experience. With medicine however, as some say, you only start once you end medical school. It’s certainly a long journey. Therefore, for those that want to dive head on as soon as they graduate, then dentistry is the one for you. 

Business minded?

Don’t like the hospital setting and prefer to open your own clinic? It’s all possible with dentistry. Dentistry is not just a healthcare profession but also culminates and inculcates a large sector of business with it. If you’re business minded but also passionate about oral health, then you’re heading in the right direction as a dentist. 

Working relationships

You work as part of a close-knit community, working closely with your nurse and colleagues. If you like this type of work environment, then dentistry is a great profession to pursue. You won’t be lost in a huge hospital setting, meeting different people daily. Rather, you can establish excellent working relationships with a few key health workers that you see each day. 

Job hunting

Job availability is fantastic. With a dental surgery on practically every high street corner, finding a job in a location that suits you is certainly a plus point in this career line. Whether you prefer working in a quieter rural area or a busy city location, the choice is yours. 

You can be your own boss

As a dentist, you can choose to work for the NHS, privately or a mix of both. This makes your work varied and interesting. It allows you to expand your earning potential and there’s never a limit except the one you set for yourself. You aren’t limited in earning capacity like you are in other banded professions. 

Changing lives & outlooks

You get to know your patients and build rapport. You can change habits, improve oral hygiene and overall, one’s quality of life. You can make a huge impact and for these reasons, suffice to say, it’s dentistry and not medicine. 

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Why dentistry and not medicine? 10 Key Reasons

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