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The following is a list of the Medical Schools that require the IMAT. We’ve then focused in more detail on a small selection of the leading Italian universities. For more information on all the different medical schools in Italy, you can consult our specific pages for each university.

The following medical schools run Medicine programs taught in English:

– University of Bari
– University of Bologna
– University of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’
– University of Messina
– University of Milan
– University of Milan-Bicocca
– University of Naples Federico
– University of Padova
– University of Parma
– University of Pavia
– University of Rome ‘Sapienza’
– University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’
– University of Siena
– University of Turin

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Leading Italian Medical Schools

Although the exact ranking will change from year to year and this is by no means a list of the ‘best’ medical schools in Italy, the following are often seen as particularly prestigious.

La Sapienza

This University in Rome is an ancient institution that is incredibly well-known and well-respected. It was founded in 1303, and the Medical School was founded in 1431. Here, you’ll take on a six year program (with other students learning in Italian as well) which is identical to that that Italian students take. The school looks to produce particularly well-trained physicians who are knowledgeable and ready to treat patients with compassion. It is very competitive, admitting only 45 students each year, of whom only 10 will be from outside the EU. Interaction between students and staff is therefore much greater than at other universities with a larger number of students. Nonetheless, the university encourages students to think independently and be responsible for themselves and their own learning.

The University of Pavia

The University of Pavia was founded in 1361, again making it one of the oldest universities in the EU. Indeed, the University claims that it was already present in an edict issued by King Lotharius in just 825AD. It’s a research institution, with 18 departments covering all levels of learning. The Medical school is just as renowned as the university itself, and there are a total of 143 students admitted each year to the department. The medical course here is known as ‘Harvey Medicine.’ You’ll learn in three different hospitals, each of which is a leading teaching hospital. The school is known to be pioneering in both Medicine and research and technology in general.

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University of Bologna

This university was founded in 1088 by a guild of students, and is therefore considered to bt eht oldest university in ‘continuous operation’ in the world, as well as as the first true university, as the word ‘universitas’ was used in its founding. The medical school was founded in the 17th century. The current program is a six year one that focuses particularly on progressive teaching methods like group discussion, small group learning, and interdisciplinary learning. There’s a particular focus on research, with students being given the opportunity to conduct research on both a national and international level. Students are given particular help with coming to terms with the new culture and language.

The University of Naples Federico II

This school started its Medicine program in English in 2015 with just 20 students. However, the school itself has been in existence for more than 800 years, and has a total student population of 78,000, making it one of Italy’s biggest universities. The course is designed to create responsible doctors who will be able to meet shifting needs and enact real change both with their patients and in broader social terms. As a newer medical school, there’s a particular emphasis on communication and clinical skills, with these being covered through small group activities, workshops, and practical lab sessions.


Humanitas is a new, private university, founded in Milan in 2014. The university works closely with the Milan University Hospital, which allows it to provide students with early clinical exposure. Students will work and learn alongside other members of the interdisciplinary team, as well leading researchers and clinicians. The Humanitas Research Hospital is a modern hospital and a centre of excellence for the treatment of immune-system related diseases in particular. As you’d expect, students are encouraged to be responsible and to both learn and treat patients holistically. There’s a heavy emphasis placed on small group learning.
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