​When Should You Start Revising For BMAT?

Advice & Insight From BMAT Specialists

​For the BMAT, it is best to start as early possible, initially in small doses. As the exam is not purely knowledge based but instead requires candidates to think in an abstract way, frequent practice of the questions is vital. Therefore, 1½  to 2 months is the ideal period before the exam over which you should revise; it must be emphasised that ‘cramming’ for the BMAT is not recommended. 

Equally important to allocating adequate revision time, is using that revision time wisely. Whilst practice will undoubtedly improve your performance, it is essential to have a range of time efficient techniques and strategies for each of the three BMAT Sections.

Candidates attending our BMAT Courses will be taught section specific BMAT techniques as well as receiving BMAT Past Paper Worked Solutions.

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