When Should I Take CASPer for Medical School?

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You should take the CASPer at a time that both allows you to prepare and fits with the distribution deadlines of the schools that you are applying to.

The Distribution Deadline

The distribution deadline is the last date upon which a school is willing to accept the CASPer scores being sent – or distributed – to them. This will vary significantly from school to school, so you must ensure that you check each school’s deadline. As an example, San Juan Bautista School of Medicine’s distribution deadline is April 5th, whereas the University of Vermont’s is December 23rd. You should therefore be aware from the outset of your schools’ deadlines. In fact, the CASPer site has a useful tool that allows you to understand this as you book your test. When you go to do so, you are able to select the type of test you need – in this instance, let’s say Medicine (Allopathic), then select the schools that you are applying to. When you’ve done this, the site will automatically generate the last possible date that you could sit the test on, as well as other possible dates that you could choose to book. You should therefore cross reference this information with the other key factor at play – how long it will take you to prepare.

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Preparation Time

Assuming that you are at the start of the application process, now armed with a list of possible dates that will fit the schools that you are applying to, the next thing to do is consider how long it will take you to prepare. At BlackStone Tutors, we recommend taking two months to prepare for the CASPer, as this is long enough to cover the core material and understand the test, then practice using our question bank and model answers until you are confident that you’re ready to sit the test. We would advise not dedicating a longer period to the test, as you are then likely to feel a level of study fatigue, which will not help you. You should also bear in mind the timings of your college exams, and ensure that you work around them as much as possible.

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When do Most People Sit the CASPer?

Most students will sit the CASPer during the summer – well before their school’s distribution deadlines, and out of the way of their college papers. Indeed, we would encourage sitting the paper towards the end of summer, as this provides two months’ study time and a safe window in which to sit the test.

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