When do I get my TSA Test Score?

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First, when understanding when you will get your score, you should be aware of how the test is marked.

The TSA scale, ranging approximately from 0 to 100, is used to compute scores to one decimal place. This scale provides an estimation of a candidate’s aptitude by considering the question and overall test difficulty through the Rasch statistical method. The evaluation of this section is performed automatically, and Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing does not accommodate requests for re-assessments. However, admissions tutors from the Oxford College to which the candidate has submitted an application will review Section 2 – in other words it is marked qualitatively and you will not therefore receive a raw score.

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When are scores sent out?

You should first note that scores are passed to the college at Oxford which you have applied to – and that the scores will be sent to the college in good time for them to make a decision on your application (in other words, likely in early November). However, this does not mean that you will receive your score at the same time. Rather, you will receive a PDF ‘statement of results’ in early January. As such, you will be going into your interview without any verifiable knowledge of how well you did in the TSA.

It is therefore vital to remain confident in your performance and remember that it is just one part of the assessment process – and that, if you got an interview, then you must have performed well enough in the test to secure that interview spot. Therefore, try not to worry about your score.

It’s not known why TSA marks are not also sent to students – however, it could be to maintain the interview and assessment process, and ensure that students are not able to use their score to their advantage during the admissions schedule. Equally, it may simply be because the second section is not marked by the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Team, and is instead used by admissions tutors who mark it qualitatively – or simply study it and assess it – and therefore releasing section 1 marks, without section 2 marks for context, could lead to unrealistic or potentially even detrimental impacts on students’ expectations.

When do I get my TSA Test Score?

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