What should I do the night before the UCAT?

Advice & Insight From UCAT Specialists

The most important thing to do is to get an early night, to ensure you get as much sleep as possible. If you are tired, this may affect your performance in the UCAT, particularly as it is a relatively long exam therefore maintaining your concentration is especially important. Although it may be beneficial to spend some time looking over certain techniques for the exam – such as methods for mental maths for the Quantitative Reasoning section, and your
 3 Step Approach to Abstract Reasoning; cramming has not been shown to be especially useful for the UCAT. This is because, this test it is not assessing your knowledge, but is instead testing the way that you approach challenges and abstract questioning.

As always, it is important to do as many practice exams as possible prior to the test, to build up and develop the variety of skills required. Prior to the examination, ensure that you are re-reviewing official UCAT questions and content which will require the same techniques and utilise the same ‘common pitfalls’ that will be found in your actual UCAT examination.

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