What should I bring to interview day for Residency?

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First, you need to consider whether your interview is online or in-person, of course. An online interview will require an entirely different checklist to an in-person one, and the majority of programs do seem to be heeding the recent recommendations to move to online interviewing only. However, if you’re still expecting to attend an in-person interview, here’s a brief overview of what to bring – and what to not bring!

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You must have the correct clothing – that means a dark suit, a shirt and tie, and smart shoes, polished. Shoes should be conservative, as should your outfit as a whole. Makeup must also be minimal. If you have a pre-interview dinner or drinks event, then you should wear the kind of clothes you’d expect to see a doctor wearing at work – in other words, a good shirt with a pair of chinos and loafers would be suitable. Don’t try to make too much of a statement. Business casual is perhaps the best descriptor of the correct outfit to wear at dinner.

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In terms of what else to bring with you to interview day, you should consider:

– A relatively smart pen that you can use to jot down notes / write your name, etc.
– A leather folio in which you can write without your notes becoming disordered. From one recent applicant – ‘everyone always brings a leather folder.’
– Try to avoid bringing your luggage with you to the interview – better to leave it at the hotel if at all possible
– You might consider bringing a copy of your CV or a recent publication. Make sure that you check with the program whether there is anything that you must bring with you – better to do this well in advance in case you need to source anything in particular.
– Try to generate a list of questions for the faculty, and consider bringing this with you to have a glance over before your interview(s)
– If you’re wearing heels, consider bringing a pair of flats just in case
– Don’t bring a laptop, but make sure to bring everything with you that you will need for a long day, e.g. smartphone, wallet, water bottle if it’s smart, mints, etc.

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