What percentage of Cambridge applicants get an interview?

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Cambridge is one of the world’s leading medical schools, and is also known as a fiercely competitive university when looking at the sciences in general. You should therefore expect the course to heavily feature the core sciences and background medical science, and feature far less patient contact (and certainly less early patient contact) than other courses available.

With this in mind, let’s look at the statistics for the A100 Medicine course at the University of Cambridge. Medicine is one of the most competitive courses at the university. In 2019, the most recent year for which data is available, Medicine had 1584 applicants – the third most popular course at the university, behind only Engineering and Natural Sciences. That means that Medicine applicants made up 8.2% of the total applicant pool to the university.

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Of the 1584 applicants, the exact percentage who receive an interview isn’t revealed, but is estimated to be around 80% for most courses – this being the percentage that Cambridge thinks have a realistic chance of success having looked at predicted grades and BMAT score.

One can also look at the BMAT scores of applicants – the mean score looking at both sections 1 and 2 for those given an offer from their chosen college was 11.4, versus 11.07 for those pooled and given an offer, 10.67 for those rejected having been pooled, and 9.74 for those rejected immediately.

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Of 1584 applicants, 323 will be given an offer. That’s 6.9% of the total offers at the university – versus 8.2% of applications, meaning that Medicine is more competitive than an average course.

Of the 323 offers given, 281 were accepted in 2019. That makes a 17.7% success rate. There are therefore around 5 applicants per place to Medicine at Cambridge. Remember that whilst it may appear that the course at Cambridge is less competitive than some other medical schools, the standard of applications is near-universally very high (i.e. weaker candidates will not even consider applying).

Of Medicine applicants, 43.2% were male and 56.8% were female. Of offers made, 46.4% were made to males and 53.6% were made to females. Of acceptances, 47% of students are male and 53% female.

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