What Is The Easiest Medical School To Get Into In The UK?

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Older Medical Schools

Leicester historically has a relatively low applications:offers ratio. Looking at the most recent data that is available, the 2020 intake, we can see that a total of 882 offers were made, from 1263 interviews – with only 2350 applications made. There were 1715 non-graduate applicants from the UK and EU, who received 747 offers, compared to 242 non-graduate applications from overseas, who received 44 offers. There were 350 UK/EU graduate applicants who received 81 offers, and 43 overseas graduate applicants, who received 10 offers.

However, looking at cutoff scores, you would need on average at least 5A* at GCSE and 3A, plus 650 at UCAT.

Queen’s Belfast also has a very low applications:offers ratio, normally around 3.5 to 4. Additionally, interviews can be gained with relatively low academic profiles and UCAT scores. The university uses a scoring system that takes into account UCAT as follows:

0 points for 1200-1899, 1 point for 1900-2099, 2 points for 2100-2299, 3 points for 2300-2499, 4 points for 2500-2699, 5 points for 2700-2899, 6 points for 2900-3600.

GCSEs are scored at 4 points for an A* and 3 points for an A.

Interviews are given to students with 34-36 points, depending on the year. This would mean that a UCAT average of 600 and 6A*, 3A, 1B would get you an interview at QUB.

The lowest UCAT score interviewed in 2020 was less than 1900, and the average UCAT of candidates interviewed was between 2300 and 2699.         

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New Medical Schools

However, both of the above are likely to be far harder to gain admission to than one of the newest medical schools.

These five schools are Anglia Ruskin University, in East Anglia; University of Lincoln; University of Sunderland; Edge Hill University, and the University of Kent. As all are new universities looking to attract students to their courses, they are likely to require lower scores at GCSE and in the UCAT than more established medical schools. Lincoln, for example, is using the same scoring system as Nottingham (with whom the course is being jointly run) but will require lower scores due to less popularity, whilst Sunderland will disqualify students who receive the lowest band of SJT or the two lowest deciles of the UCAT, with the rest proceeding to the next stage of selection.

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No medical school in the UK is easy, and those that might seem less competitive due to lower applications:offers ratios may in fact still be very competitive due to a higher standard of application. The newest medical schools are likely to offer the lowest tariffs whilst they become established.

What Is The Easiest Medical School To Get Into In The UK?

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