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Scores in the BMAT examination are divided across its three sections. The first two sections are all multiple choice while the third is a written activity. The sections are outlined below:

Section 1: Thinking Skills: 16 questions on Problem Solving and 16 on Critical Thinking for a total of 32 multiple choice questions to be answered in one hour.

Section 2: Scientific Knowledge and Application: There are 27 multiple choice questions divided into Biology (7Qs), Physics (7Qs), Chemistry (7Qs) and Mathematics (6Qs). This section is 30 minutes long.

Each answer in sections 1 and 2 is worth one mark. The questions are presented in rising order of difficulty but the marking remains the same for each one. A learner should not feel disheartened if they cannot answer a question and should not spend too much time on a particular one. A learner should plan for round 90 seconds per answer in section 1 and 1 minute per question in section two. This should leave adequate time for any difficulty faced. There is no penalty for a wrong answer so every question be attempted.

Sections 1 and 2 are computer marked and scores are calculated directly  to attainment bands. The marks from each section are calculated to give a band rating from 1 to 9. Around 20 correct answers will give a band rating of 6 and above, which is exceptional. The maximum rating of 9 can be achieved with 27 correct answers so a complete 100% correct score is not necessary even for Oxford or Cambridge, Learners with a band rating of 7 are often offered placements. Now let’s take a look a section 3.

Section 3: Writing task: A given proposition is to be either explained, countered or have opposing sides reconciled. This section is also 30 minutes long.

The scoring for this section is divided into two categories: Quality of Content and Quality of English. Quality of Content is marked from 1 to 5 with 1 representing to lowest standard and 5 as the highest. Quality of English is marked by letters A, C and E with A being the highest level and E as the lowest. The highest attainment in section 3 would therefore be 5A.

Unlike sections 1 and 2, section 3 is marked by two examiners and an average grading of their scores makes the final result. For example, if examiner 1 gives A for Quality of English and examiner 2 gives C then the final mark is B.

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