What is a good UCAT Score (Australia)?

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The UCAT ANZ is a compulsory entry requirement to access most medicine, dentistry or clinical sciences courses at universities in Australia and New Zealand. You will receive your test results within 24 hours of completing the test. The raw scores you achieve will be converted into scaled scores which range from 300-900 in each of the cognitive subtests (Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning). These four scores are aggregated to give you a total scaled score ranging from 1200 – 3600. Your scaled score can then be used to compare your performance to other candidates. You will also receive a separate scaled score for Situational Judgement (between 300 – 900) but not all universities will use this result when making decisions about admissions.

How do universities select for interview?

Different universities in Australia use the UCAT score differently. Whilst most universities will only consider UCAT performance when selecting for interview (such as Adelaide or Queensland Medicine), some universities will look at secondary school performance in combination with UCAT performance (for example: Curtin University Medicine or Monash University Medicine). Universities that use UCAT scores will either create a cut-off threshold below which they do not select candidates or they will only select students who score in the 90th percentile or above. Remember that since your UCAT score is a comparison of your performance against others sitting the UCAT in the same year, each year the mean scores and percentile scores will vary, depending on the performance of that particular cohort of students.

So what will constitute a good score?

What this means is, in general, to be admitted to medical courses in Australia, performance in the top 10% of those sitting the UCAT gives you the best advantage. Scores below this are sometimes accepted from students from disadvantaged backgrounds or who live in certain regions. Based on analysis of historical results, a total scaled score of 2850 or more would generally be enough to optimise your chances and, in this sense, it would be a “good score”.

What happens if my score is lower?

So, whilst a score below the 90th percentile will probably decrease your chances, you may still have options, for example if other conditions apply to you, such as being a rural student or if you are from a disadvantaged background. And remember that a couple of universities have pathways that don’t require the UCAT (such as James Cook University and Bond University medicine). 

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