What Is A Good Score On The UCAT?

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The answer to this depends on three key factors:

University Choices
Year of Application
Additional Application Credentials

University Choices

Each University will place it’s own weighting on the UCAT as part of the application process. Hence, whilst a score of 600 may be sufficient to apply to low weighting UCAT universities such as Keele and Peninsula, a score closer or in excess of 700 would be required for universities such as Newcastle and Edinburgh.
To make the most of your UCAT score, be sure to review our articles on How Universities Use Your UCAT Score as well as Where To Apply With A Low, Average & High UCAT Score.

Year of Application

Whilst UCAT scores are scaled to account for variations in test difficulty, UCAT scores do vary from year to year. Hence, whilst UCAT scores of 750+ were required in 2013 to secure offers to many leading universities, generally scores in excess of 680 (along with a strong accompanying application and academic record) are sufficient to secure interviews at the majority of UCAT universities.

Additional Application Credentials

The majority of universities use a combination of academia, UCAT scores and personal statement/reference score to provide a holistic score and prioritise applicants for interviewing. Hence, whilst an average UCAT score of 800 may give a candidate 20/20 for the UCAT component, when combined with B’s and C’s at GCSE and poor predicted grades, this candidate may be prioritised lower for interview compared to a candidate with an average UCAT score of 700 and a strong accompanying application.
All other factors considered, we aim for all of our BlackStone Tutors UCAT Course Students to score in excess of 700, and use the following table as a general UCAT Score Guide:
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