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In contrast to Oxford’s centralised grading system, Cambridge university assessment of applicants differs depending upon which college one applies to. An individual college may be contacted to ascertain exact requirements although some general guidelines on requirements can be identified.

Like Oxford, Cambridge combines its assessment elements. The BMAT is taken alongside A-Level results, the candidate’s performance at interview and GCSE scores. Around 90% of successful applicants are interviewed and BMAT scores a considered later in the process to determine who will be offered a university place.

Academically, all colleges require A-Level results of A*A*A or an International Baccalaureate of 40-42 points. Colleges also require the BMAT to be sat prior to interview for their A100 Standard Course in Medicine.

Trinity College requires a strong BMAT score and emphasises a good performance in section 2, Scientific Knowledge and Application. Past offers have been made to applicants with at least 6.0 in sections 1 and 2 of the BMAT test.

Lucy Cavendish College requires applicants to the A100 Medicine course to sit the BMAT prior to interview without mentioning a cut off mark.

Queens College requires BMAT prior to interview but also does not specify a grade.

Wolfson College stipulates that applicants for Medicine (A100) are required to complete the BMAT but this is not a requirement for admission to the Graduate Course in Medicine (A101).

Hughes Hall College offers places for Graduate Medicine but not for the Standard A100 and as such does not mention BMAT in its requirements.

In conclusion, it is evident that while Cambridge does not always specify marks for the BMAT, a score of 6.0 in both sections 1 and 2 would be a good indicator of success reaching the interview stage for selection.

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