What BMAT score do you need for Oxford?

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Oxford university does not have a specific score cut off point. Entry to its medical course is taken from the top score bands of applicants, which varies from year to year. As such, acceptance depends upon the average level of scores across all applicants for that year. Applicants generally have a BMAT score of over 54% and those with over 60% are usually guaranteed selection for interview.

Oxford uses the weighting system for the three sections of the BMAT. Sections 1 and 2 are worth 40% each. A single section is given a marking band from 1 to 8 and the figure is then multiplied by 5. Attaining a marking band of 5 and above is generally considered good indicator that the candidate will be selected for interview. Attaining 6 and above is considered indicative of an offer of placement.

Section 3, the writing element, is given a 20% weighting. This is subdivided into double weighting for a Quality of Content and single weighting for the Quality of English. Knowing these weightings is important so that a learner does not pin their hopes on a strong written element when taking their examination.

Oxford does take into account GSCE scores. The split is equal with 50% weighting for GSCE and 50% for BMAT. This correlation allows for each to compensate the other. A lower score in BMAT may be boosted by a strong GSCE score and weaker GSCE scores are boosted by a strong attainment in BMAT. These scores are also supplemented by the applicant’s Personal Statement and References. If a candidate has not taken GCSEs then the assessment is based solely upon the BMAT score.

Finally, the Oxford university grading system is centralized and does not change depending upon which individual college is being applied to. This ensures parity for applicants and consistency year to year.

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