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University of Southampton Overview

The University of Southampton, a member of the Russell Group, is renowned for its research-intensive focus and global academic standing. With seven campuses, including the main Highfield campus and specialised facilities for various disciplines, Southampton offers a dynamic and supportive environment for over 22,000 students.

Southampton Physiotherapy Course Overview

The University of Southampton’s BSc in Physiotherapy program equips students with the expertise to manage complex cases and enhance the quality of life for individuals facing mobility challenges due to illness, injury, or aging. The program combines academic rigor with extensive clinical placements and simulation training, emphasising patient-focused practice.

Admissions & Interview Process for Physiotherapy at Southampton

The admissions process at the University of Southampton meticulously evaluates candidates based on predicted grades, academic achievements, personal statements, and academic references, with a keen interest in applicants’ insights into the physiotherapy profession and alignment with personal values. Applicants are encouraged to detail physiotherapy work experience, life experiences, and extracurricular activities in their personal statements to demonstrate their understanding and commitment. Successful candidates at the initial stage are invited to an online interview, where they receive comprehensive guidance on preparation and expectations.

Admissions Statistics for Physiotherapy at the University of Southampton

Although exact numbers on interviews are not publicly available, it is known that only 11.9% of applicants will receive an offer.

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Questions and Answers for Physio at Southampton

How have your work experience and life experiences prepared you for a career in physiotherapy?

“My work experience in various healthcare settings, including NHS hospitals and community clinics, alongside my personal journey assisting a family member through rehabilitation, have been instrumental in my decision to pursue physiotherapy. These experiences have provided me with firsthand insight into the physiotherapist’s role in patient recovery and the importance of empathy, resilience, and effective communication. They have also highlighted the necessity of a patient-centered approach to care, which aligns with my personal values and the core values of the profession, motivating me to contribute positively to individuals’ lives through physiotherapy.”

What motivates you to study physiotherapy at the University of Southampton?

“The University of Southampton’s reputation for excellence in healthcare education, particularly its innovative BSc in Physiotherapy program, is a significant motivator for me. The program’s blend of academic learning, clinical placements, and world-class simulation facilities offers a comprehensive foundation for developing the necessary skills for modern physiotherapy practice. Additionally, the university’s emphasis on developing professional skills such as communication, decision-making, and leadership within a supportive and resource-rich environment aligns perfectly with my career aspirations. Southampton’s commitment to integrating patients and carers into the course further inspires me to join a program that truly understands and prioritises compassionate patient care.”

What specific aspects of the University of Southampton's physiotherapy program do you believe will best prepare you for your future career?

“The University of Southampton’s physiotherapy program uniquely prepares students for their future careers through its comprehensive blend of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, and emphasis on research and innovation. The extensive clinical placements across a variety of healthcare settings, paired with the university’s state-of-the-art simulation facilities, ensure that students gain the hands-on experience necessary to excel in the field. Furthermore, Southampton’s focus on interdisciplinary learning and the integration of patients and carers into the curriculum will enable me to develop a holistic approach to patient care, ensuring that I am well-prepared to meet the diverse needs of patients in my future career.”

How do you envision using the skills and knowledge gained at the University of Southampton to address global health challenges in physiotherapy?

“Studying physiotherapy at the University of Southampton will equip me with a global perspective on healthcare challenges, particularly in the realm of physiotherapy. The skills and knowledge gained from this program will enable me to contribute to addressing global health challenges such as chronic disease management, ageing populations, and the rehabilitation needs following global health crises. Southampton’s emphasis on evidence-based practice and research will allow me to engage in innovative solutions and advocate for effective physiotherapy interventions both locally and internationally, ultimately improving global health outcomes.”

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Example Questions for Physio at Southampton

Understanding of Physiotherapy

  • Describe a challenging situation you faced during your work experience and how you overcame it.
  • What specific aspects of the University of Southampton’s physiotherapy program do you believe will best prepare you for your future career?

Clinical Skills and Patient Care

  • How would you approach a patient who is resistant to participating in their prescribed treatment plan?
  • Describe how you would manage a complex patient case involving multiple healthcare needs.

Professional Development

  • Discuss a recent advancement in physiotherapy that interests you.
  • How do you anticipate adapting to the evolving landscape of healthcare as a physiotherapist?

Interpersonal Skills

  • Reflect on a teamwork experience and its impact on your personal and professional development.
  • What strategies would you employ to ensure effective communication with patients and their families?

Global Health and Research

  • How do you envision using the skills and knowledge gained at the University of Southampton to address global health challenges in physiotherapy?
  • Explain the importance of evidence-based practice in physiotherapy.

Core Values and Ethics

  • How do you plan to integrate the core values of physiotherapy into your practice?
  • Discuss how you would address ethical dilemmas in your physiotherapy practice.

Patient-Centered Care

  • How do you plan to involve patients and their families in the treatment process?
  • Describe an approach to managing patient feedback to improve care practices.

Technology and Innovation

  • How do you envision the role of technology in advancing physiotherapy practices?
  • Discuss an innovation in physiotherapy that could transform patient care.


You can find more questions in our question bank and online course.

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