University of Pennsylvania Nursing Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

UPenn recommends that all undergraduate applicants interview, and you should expect this requirement to be no different if you are interested in the BSN, which is a traditional four year course aimed at high school leavers. UPenn is ranked number one in the world for Nursing, and you should therefore expect a competitive application process. There are a total of 1229 students enrolled at the Nursing School.

Interview Format for UPenn Nursing

Expect a traditional and relaxed interview, likely to be with an alumnus of the university. Major colleges like UPenn have a huge volume of applicants to filter and therefore are unlikely to be able to offer a hugely ‘personalised’ interview. Therefore expect common questions to be the majority of the interview, and it to be more of a conversation than a deep dive into the Nursing profession.

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Key Dates

Dates are reliant on the course selected – for the popular BSN option, you should be aware that the Early Decision application deadline is November 1st, and the Regular Decision is January 5th.

Sample & Recent Interview Questions

​Motivation and Insight into Nursing

  • Why do you want to be a nurse?
  • What in particular interests you about becoming a nurse rather than a doctor?
  • What interests you in becoming a nurse rather than a Physician Associate?
  • When was the first time that you became interested in Nursing?
  • What are you most looking forward to about becoming a nurse?
  • What are you most worrying about when you think about becoming a nurse?
  • What attributes or personal qualities do you think are important to nurses?
  • What are the most important challenges to global health currently?
  • Have you taken on any volunteering or charity work?

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Teamwork & Communication

  • Tell me about your experience of being a team player.
  • Do you work better in a team or independently?
  • Why is teamwork so important to Nursing? Have you seen any examples of healthcare teams during your volunteering and shadowing experience?
  • Why is communication so important to Nursing?
  • Are you a good leader?
  • What teams have you been part of at high school?
  • Can you provide me with an overview of your leadership experience?
  • Are you comfortable working and learning in a team?
  • What experience do you have with team based learning?

General / Personal Statements

  • Tell me what the word ‘resilience’ means for you.
  • Have you ever faced adversity? Tell us about a situation that you found tough.
  • UPenn can be a highly stressful learning environment, as well as being a brilliant place in which to learn. Nursing is a tough degree. How will you find the time to relax and unwind whilst studying here?
  • In general, how do you relieve stress and relax? Do you think that you’ll be able to continue these habits at this school?
  • Tell me about a challenge that you decided to take on, outside of your high school.
  • What do you find interesting about the city itself?
  • Tell me about your experience of high school. Did you enjoy it? What stands out in your memory about it?
  • How will you deal with the amount of independent studying involved in our program?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • What are your biggest weaknesses?
  • How would your friends describe you in three words?
  • What one word would your friends use to describe you?
  • Are you good at time management?
  • How would your best friend describe you, if given five minutes to do so?
  • How would you want to be remembered?
  • What would you like your impact to be on the field of Nursing?
  • Are you confident with strangers?
  • Are you organised?
  • What ambitions do you have?


  • What are you looking forward to at UPenn, outside of the degree?
  • What can you in particular bring to this school? Why should we select you?
  • How much research have you done on the college? What sets it apart from others in your view?
  • Why are you not happy attending your State school? Why do you want to study here instead?
  • Have you got any friends or family that have attended UPenn?
  • What can you tell me about the program at UPenn? How has this knowledge led to you deciding to apply here?
  • What do you think you will enjoy least about studying at Upenn?

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University of Pennsylvania Nursing Interview Questions

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