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Overview & Tuition Fees

The University of Pecs is a state university, with a medical school that is listed in the WHO’s directory of Medical Schools. The International Program – taught in English – started in 1984 with just 38 students. Since then, the enrollment has gradually increased. The first class graduated in 1990. Since then, the school has taught students from 67 different countries, all across the world. Each year now, around 100 students graduate and are awarded their degree. The medical school is divided into 29 clinical departments, as well as another 19 departments that cover the basic sciences and pre-clinical medicine. Additionally, there are multiple sub-departments and sections that contribute to research and teaching. Staff members at the medical school are clinicians, as well as participating in teaching and research. In total there are about 800 physicians and lecturers who are active within the faculty. Of this number, more than 500 physicians hold a PhD and around 100 are also Doctors of Science, a Hungarian degree. Seven of the faculty hold membership in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Patients come from across Hungary, as well as foreign countries. The university hospital has around 1350 beds.

The curriculum of the course at the University of Pecs is designed to allow a student to become part of a ‘continuously evolving profession.’ It is built across six years, covering both preclinical and clinical studies. There are a total of ten semesters, and one year of clinical rotations. Patient contact is crucial to the teaching ethos – it is thought that ‘direct experience with patients, either at the bedside or in the operating theatre, is fundamental to a sound medical education.’

In the first module, students learn about the structure and functions of a human body, whilst in the second preclinical module they will learn about pathological processes, as well as learning basic patient examination skills. In the clinical module, they will learn about specific diseases, and develop their diagnostic and therapeutic skills. Clinical modules are mainly taught on the wards. Lastly, the clinical rotation is a full practical year on the wards – an apprenticeship – in which students are able to diagnose and treat patients under supervision from practising physicians.

The medical school’s diploma is accepted by all European Union countries and several other countries, including the US, Canada, and more.

Fees are $16,750 – $9000 for the first semester and $7750 for the second. You should expect 25-30 hours of teaching per week, making between 350-420 hours per semester.

University of Pecs Medicine Interview Format

Here, you will need to take an entrance exam across two parts – a written component, and an oral component. Entrance exams are primarily online, although you can also sit them in-person if desired. The written test is taken on the university’s online exam platform, and the oral interview is conducted via Skype or Zoom. It covers basic sciences as applied to Medicine, rather than questions on soft skills or suitability for Medicine, and should therefore be seen as a continuation of the exam, rather than a typical Medicine interview. You can find the syllabus for the exam on the university’s website, which illustrates that it only covers Biology and Chemistry, rather than Physics or Mathematics.

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University of Pecs Key Application & Interview Statistics

The University of Pecs has an admission range of 50-60%, making it moderately selective when compared to other Hungarian universities.

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University of Pecs Past MMI Stations & Interview Questions


Define mass percent concentration. How many grams of water are there in 100g of 10% solution of glucose.
What is polymerization? What hydrocarbons undergo polymerization?
Name the product of reaction of benzene with nitric acid. Is it a substitution or addition reaction?
What is the functional group in alcohols? What is the product of oxidation of primary alcohol?
What is the product of ketone reduction?
What are constitutional isomers? Are methanal and methanol these kinds of isomers?
What are the similarities and differences between glucose and fructose?
What are organic esters? Name the ester with two carbons in its structure.


What is the basic function of mitochondria?
Describe the structure and function of animal cells’ plasma membranes.
What is meiosis?
Describe the major blood constituents of blood.
What does the term haploid mean?
What are the first 2 levels of protein structure?

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