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University of Northampton Physiotherapy Program Overview

The University of Northampton offers a Physiotherapy (pre-registration) MSc program, accredited by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. This Master’s program is distinctive for its contemporary approach to physiotherapy education, emphasizing critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and patient-centered care. With an active blended learning strategy, the course prepares students for professional practice by embedding core values such as person-centered care, life-long learning, and evidence-based practice throughout the curriculum​​​​.

University of Northampton Physiotherapy Admission Process & Interview

The University of Northampton’s Physiotherapy course involves a rigorous admission process, including an interview segment crucial for evaluating candidates’ suitability for Master’s level study. Interviews can be virtual or face-to-face, determined by the applicant’s home or international status. The interview process is designed to assess applicants’ analytical, communication, and team collaboration skills, alongside their professionalism and reflective approach. It includes group activities focused on topics relevant to studying Physiotherapy at Masters level and the professional aspects of Physiotherapy, followed by a formal individual interview with an academic staff member and a service user. This comprehensive process aims to gauge candidates’ understanding of physiotherapy’s broad spectrum and their motivation for postgraduate study. All aspects of the interview day are graded, contributing to the final decision on an applicant’s offer status, with feedback provided to all participants​​​​.

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University of Northampton Physiotherapy Example Interview Questions and Model Answers

"How would you handle a situation where a patient refuses treatment that you believe is necessary for their recovery?"

Model Answer: “I would first ensure I fully understand the patient’s concerns and reasons for refusal, demonstrating empathy and respect for their autonomy. It’s important to communicate the benefits and risks of the treatment clearly and ensure they have all the information needed to make an informed decision. If they still refuse, I would document the conversation and seek advice from a senior colleague or the multidisciplinary team to explore alternative approaches that align with the patient’s values and preferences.”

"Why have you chosen to pursue a career in physiotherapy, and why at the University of Northampton?"

Model Answer: “I’m passionate about helping people achieve their fullest potential following injury or illness, which drew me to physiotherapy. My interest was solidified through various work experiences, where I saw the profound impact physiotherapists have on patient recovery. I chose the University of Northampton because of its emphasis on evidence-based practice, critical thinking, and the unique active blended learning approach. These align with my learning style and my aspiration to contribute to innovative solutions in physiotherapy.”

"Describe a time during your work experience when you faced a challenging situation. How did your team overcome it?"

Model Answer: “During my work experience at a rehabilitation center, we encountered a patient who was extremely demotivated and resistant to participating in their rehab program. The physio I was shadowing and I took the time to build rapport with the patient, listened to their concerns, and personalised their treatment by incorporating activities they enjoyed. This approach gradually improved their engagement and participation, teaching me the importance of empathy, patience, and adaptability in healthcare.”

"What do you believe are the biggest challenges facing the NHS today, and how can physiotherapists contribute to addressing these challenges?"

Model Answer: “One of the biggest challenges is the increasing demand for services amidst budget constraints, leading to longer waiting times and potential compromises in patient care quality. Physiotherapists can alleviate these pressures by providing preventative care and early intervention, reducing the need for more expensive treatments or hospital admissions. Their role in multidisciplinary teams is crucial in developing efficient, patient-centered care pathways that optimize resource use and improve patient outcomes.”

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University of Northampton Physiotherapy Interview Additional Questions

Ethical Questions:

  • Discuss a healthcare scenario where ethical considerations might conflict with patient wishes. How would you navigate this?
  • How do you ensure confidentiality in patient care?

Motivation & Insight into Physiotherapy:

  • What qualities do you think are important for a physiotherapist, and how do you possess them?
  • How do you stay updated with the latest research and developments in physiotherapy?

Work Experience:

  • Reflect on a positive experience during your work experience and its impact on your career choice.
  • How has your work experience prepared you for the challenges of a physiotherapy degree?

Knowledge of Healthcare and the NHS:

  • How do you think digital technology is changing physiotherapy practices within the NHS?
  • What role do physiotherapists play in the multidisciplinary healthcare team?
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