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University of Liverpool Overview

The University of Liverpool, renowned for its innovative and thought-provoking Physiotherapy program, offers students a modern healthcare education pathway. This program is designed to cultivate the necessary skills and experiences for students to excel as physiotherapists in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

Liverpool Physiotherapy Course Overview

Liverpool’s Physiotherapy program is distinguished by its contemporary approach, integrating research evidence into all teaching aspects. This modular program balances academic rigor with extensive practical experience across various settings, fostering critical thinking, scientific acumen, and a multitude of transferable skills.

Admissions & Interview Process for Physiotherapy at Liverpool

The University of Liverpool’s admissions process for the Physiotherapy BSc program seeks applicants who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of physiotherapy’s scope, underscored by observational experiences in diverse clinical areas.

Applicants historically undergo a rigorous selection process, including a panel interview and a group task or interview, focusing on personal attributes, professional knowledge, and suitability for the profession. This multi-faceted approach ensures that candidates are not only academically qualified but also possess the personal qualities essential for success in physiotherapy. The interview process assesses candidates’ responses to scenarios, problem-solving abilities, and ethical considerations, offering a holistic view of each applicant’s readiness for the challenges and opportunities in healthcare.

Admissions Statistics for Physiotherapy at the University of Liverpool

Specific admissions statistics are not provided, although  rigorous entry requirements and comprehensive evaluation process underscore the competitive nature of the program.

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Questions and Answers for Physio at Liverpool

What have you done to prepare yourself for a career in physiotherapy?

“To prepare for a career in physiotherapy, I have engaged in a variety of observational and volunteer experiences across different clinical settings, including outpatient clinics and rehabilitation centers. These opportunities allowed me to witness the diverse roles of physiotherapists and the impact of patient-centered care. Additionally, I have committed to enhancing my understanding of anatomy and physiology through independent study, complementing my academic coursework. My participation in sports and teamwork activities has further developed my communication, empathy, and leadership skills, all of which are crucial for a successful career in physiotherapy.”

How do you align with the NHS Core Values?

“I align with the NHS Core Values through my commitment to providing compassionate care, respecting the dignity of every individual, and striving for excellence in all aspects of my work. My volunteer experiences have instilled in me the importance of working collaboratively with healthcare professionals to achieve the best outcomes for patients. I am dedicated to improving patients’ lives, evidenced by my proactive approach to learning and applying evidence-based practice. Furthermore, my ability to adapt to new situations and challenges demonstrates my commitment to the value of improving healthcare services and contributing positively to the community.”

Physiotherapy Application Services

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Example Questions for Physio at Liverpool

Clinical Skills and Application

  • How would you approach a patient who is skeptical about the benefits of physiotherapy?
  • Describe how you would adapt a treatment plan for a patient from a different cultural background.

Communication and Empathy

  • Describe a situation where you demonstrated empathy in a healthcare setting.
  • How do you manage conflicts within a team, especially in high-stress situations?

Community Health and Service

  • In what ways do you think physiotherapy can contribute to preventative healthcare?
  • How do you envision addressing health disparities as a physiotherapist in the Liverpool community?

Research and Evidence-Based Practice

  • What role do you believe research plays in the advancement of physiotherapy practice?
  • How do you align with the NHS Core Values in the context of research and evidence-based practice?

Time Management and Prioritization

  • How will you prioritise tasks and manage time effectively during clinical placements?

Cultural Competence and Inclusivity

  • How do you plan to ensure inclusivity in your physiotherapy practice, especially for marginalized communities?

Innovation and Technology

  • Discuss an innovative technology or method in physiotherapy you’re excited about implementing in your future practice.

Patient-Centered Care

  • How do you plan to involve patients and their families in the treatment and decision-making process?

Adapting to Change and Challenges

  • Describe how you’ve adapted to a significant change or challenge during your clinical experience.

Leadership and Advocacy

  • How do you see yourself taking on a leadership role within the physiotherapy community?
  • Discuss how you would advocate for physiotherapy services in the healthcare system.


You can find more questions in our question bank and online course.

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