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​If you’re looking for tips to succeed in the University of Liverpool Medicine Interview, you are in the right place. 

Quick maths

If you thought that the quantitative reasoning section of your UCAT was the last time you were going to have to do some calculations in your head, you didn’t read up enough about being a medical student. This is probably the reason why a maths station is common at Liverpool; they want to make sure you won’t struggle with the pharmacology dosage lectures you’ll have throughout medical school. Try practicing some QR mock questions without a calculator to make your life easier on the day; you’ll be given a pen and paper, but it might be quite fast-paced so don’t be lax on timings. This is the only station that is scored on a point basis.

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The Liverpool course

Don’t forget that a station on why you chose this specific course at this specific university is common and very easy to prepare for. Struggling to think of reasons why you put Liverpool on your UCAS application? Check out their dedicated website page www.liverpool.ac.uk/medicine/why-liverpool/ for some inspiration but avoid sounding rehearsed and uninspired. Be ready to debate the advantages and disadvantages of problem-based learning and prosection/technology-mediated anatomy teaching.

“Connected” stations

Don’t be surprised if a station is the continuation of the previous one! This is quite a unique Liverpool feature, but it does not tend to happen more than once in an interview. However, it’s worth not forgetting everything that was told in the previous station so that you’ll be able to discuss it, in case you are going through connected stations. Ethical scenarios tend to be quite easy to adapt to this format so, when you’re practicing, try first being an actor in an ethical dilemma and then debating your choices and the principles behind them.

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Each of the 7 stations at Liverpool lasts 6 minutes, while you will use the 1-minute break between them to change over. The could either ask you to read the topic of the station standing outside until it’s time to go in or the examiner will read out the scenario to you at the very beginning. Take this time to take a few deep breaths but don’t lose your focus and do listen to what is being told to you!

Medical news

​Make sure that you not only read up on medical and global health news but that you are able to discuss them! One thing is skimming through an article and another is understanding enough to be able to debate it in front of an examiner. Unless it’s something incredibly prevalent that they will expect you to know (e.g. coronavirus/COVID-19), don’t be afraid to say that you don’t know enough about it; once you have made this disclaimer, if they don’t prompt you to change subject, do try to discuss the topic you have been given. Often, they’re looking at your ability to build on small amounts of knowledge with confidence, integrity and coherence. Your examiner would also be delighted to elaborate on the topic they have brought up rather than hear you talk about something irrelevant for six minutes.

Remember some generic advice for all MMIs: don’t let one bad station affect you too much (each of them is scored independently), revise your ethics pillars and be a good communicator. Ultimately, stay calm and listen carefully to what you’re being told. To attempt a range of past MMI questions used in the Liverpool Medicine interviews (as well as their model answers) subscribe to the Online MMI Question Bank.

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University of Liverpool Medicine Interview Tips

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