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University of Lincoln Physiotherapy Program Overview

The University of Lincoln offers a pre-registration MSc in Physiotherapy, which is accredited by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and approved by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). This program aims to develop skilled and compassionate practitioners who can engage with and promote professional, social, and political change in health and social care. The curriculum takes a ‘whole person’ approach, using interventions such as tailored exercise, manual therapy, and advice to improve and maintain wellbeing. Collaborative working and research skills are emphasized to transform health and social care services​​​​.

University of Lincoln Physiothrapy Admission Process & Interview

Applicants to the MSc in Physiotherapy at the University of Lincoln should hold an honours degree at 2.2 classification or above, with all qualifications subject to profession-specific occupational health screening. International applicants are welcome, with IELTS 7.0 required for those whose first language is not English, although this is waived for students who have completed a UK degree within the last five years. Other essential requirements include successful performance at an interview, knowledge of contemporary health and social care issues, understanding of written and spoken English, and satisfactory completion of an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)​​.

The selection process involves an online group interview with an academic member of staff, a clinician, and service users, among fellow applicants. This competitive selection aims to assess candidates’ suitability for the program and their potential as future physiotherapists.

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Lincoln Physiotherapy Interview Questions and Answers

"Can you explain the role of a physiotherapist within a multidisciplinary healthcare team?"

Model Answer: “A physiotherapist plays a crucial role in a multidisciplinary healthcare team by providing expert care that focuses on restoring movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness, or disability. They collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals to develop integrated care plans that address the physical, psychological, and social aspects of a patient’s wellbeing, ensuring holistic care. Their unique expertise in rehabilitation and exercise prescription also plays a vital role in prevention and health promotion activities within the community.”

"Discuss a contemporary issue in health and social care that interests you and how it relates to physiotherapy."

Model Answer: “One contemporary issue that stands out to me is the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions such as obesity and diabetes. These conditions present a growing challenge to health and social care but also an opportunity for physiotherapists to lead in the promotion of physical activity and lifestyle modification. By integrating evidence-based interventions and education into patient care plans, physiotherapists can play a pivotal role in managing these conditions, preventing their progression, and improving patients’ quality of life.”

"How would you explain a complex treatment plan to a patient who is anxious or uncertain?"

Model Answer: “Communicating complex treatment plans effectively requires empathy, patience, and clarity. I would first seek to understand the patient’s concerns and knowledge level regarding their condition. Then, I would break down the treatment plan into understandable segments, using layman’s terms and visual aids if necessary. I would emphasize the benefits and what they can expect during each stage of their treatment journey. Ensuring the patient feels heard and understood is crucial, as is inviting questions and providing reassurance to alleviate their anxiety.”

"How do you plan to keep up with the ongoing developments in physiotherapy?"

Model Answer: “Continuing professional development is essential in a rapidly evolving field like physiotherapy. I plan to engage in a mix of formal and informal learning activities, including attending CPD courses, workshops, and conferences relevant to my area of practice. Participating in professional networks and reading research journals will also be a key part of my strategy. Additionally, I intend to use reflective practice to continually assess and improve my clinical skills and knowledge base.”

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Additional Lincoln Physiotherapy Interview Questions


  • Describe your approach to communicating effectively with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • How do you ensure that you have understood a patient’s concerns and needs accurately?
  • What strategies do you use to maintain clear communication within a team?
  • How would you handle a situation where there is a misunderstanding or miscommunication with a patient or their family?

Understanding and Motivation

  • How will you stay motivated when faced with challenging patient cases?
  • What methods will you employ to keep your knowledge and skills in physiotherapy up to date?
  • How will you assess and incorporate patient feedback into their ongoing treatment plan?


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