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East Anglia UEA Medicine Interview Format

The University of East Anglia uses a seven-station multiple mini interview. Candidates are given five minutes at each of the respective stations with one and a half minutes changeover/preparation time between each station. The entire interview lasts approximately 50 minutes. The interviewers include a range of clinical, academic and other medical school staff, with each station having only one interviewer.

Candidates are assessed on their ability to:

  • demonstrate an acceptable approach to decision making when given incomplete or conflicting information
  • learn and work effectively in partnership
  • show a caring and supportive attitude
  • show an empathetic and caring approach
  • demonstrate their insight into Medicine as a career and their suitability for the profession
  • demonstrate honesty, integrity, and personal effectiveness

University of East Anglia UEA Medicine Key Application & Interview Statistics

Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
Overall Success Rate
Percentage of Candidates Interviewed
Candidates Interviewed
Interviewee Success Rate
Interview Success Rate

Before the Interview

  • Review your personal statement and annotate it to ensure that weak or vague points can be comprehensively clarified during the interview. Identify points in your personal statement which exemplify the values that the University of East Anglia is looking for.
  • Research the course (Norwich Medical School adopts a problem-based learning approach) and be able to verbalise why this style of teaching is suited to you. The advantages and disadvantages of this style of teaching should also be explored as the University will expect you to know about these for the interview.
  • Reflect on your work experience and extracurricular activities. In particular, how these activities/experiences will allow you to thrive both as a student at the University of East Anglia, as well as a future practitioner.
  • Keep up-to-date with issues which affect the medical community and the NHS.
  • Review the four ethical principles and how they relate to clinical scenarios as these may be useful during the ethics station.
  • Practice mock interviews with family, friends and Interview Specialists ensuring that you receive detailed feedback on your answers. This will allow you to gain more confidence in answering questions and will hopefully relieve some of the pressure of the interview.

Optimise Your Interview Performance

Learn the best interview strategies and practice with past interview questions & model answers.

University of East Anglia UEA Medicine Past MMI Stations & Interview Questions

The recent MMI stations predominately focus on the candidate’s personal qualities and work experience, rather than academic ability. The style of the interviews is very structured, allowing you a fairly good idea of what to expect before the interview. The first question for each station is normally viewable outside the station, allowing you to consider your answer before the station starts. Below are a list of frequently occurring stations which come up in the UEA Medicine interview.

Role Play Scenarios: A range of Role Play Scenarios with model answers and the ‘6 Stages of MMI Role Play’ can be found in our Online MMI Question Bank.

Personal Statement/General Station

  • Why are you suited to the UEA curriculum?
  • Why should UEA choose you over the other interviewees?
  • Tell us about your extracurricular activities and how they show evidence of caring and commitment towards the community.
  • How will you contribute to student life at UEA?
  • Why have you chosen medicine?

Competency-based stations: This often relates to candidates’ leadership skills/teamwork abilities.

Motivation and Insight into Medicine: eg. What are the pros and cons of a career in medicine? Further examples with model answers can be found in our Online MMI Question Bank.

Case/Article Reviews: This can vary from summarising patient information leaflets to ethical dilemmas and topical issues which affect the medical community/NHS. A range of examples can be found in our MMI Question Bank along with our structured approach to case/article reviews.

UEA Medicine Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to study Medicine at UEA?

I am passionate about studying Medicine at UEA because of its innovative approach to medical education, combining early patient contact with a strong foundation in biomedical sciences. The school’s emphasis on problem-based learning, cadaveric dissection, and state-of-the-art clinical skills facilities offers an immersive and comprehensive medical training experience. UEA’s curriculum fosters not just academic excellence but also the development of essential clinical and consultation skills from the very beginning, preparing me for the realities of patient care. Additionally, the opportunity to engage with diverse medical research fields within the dynamic environment of Norwich Research Park is particularly appealing to me.

What do you know about the Medicine course structure at UEA?

The Medicine course at UEA is structured to provide a holistic understanding of medicine, integrating theoretical knowledge with practical skills. In the first year, the focus is on fundamental sciences and the musculoskeletal system, including anatomy and medical research methods. The second year delves into systems-based teaching, exploring topics like blood, skin, respiration, and circulation. The third year offers insight into neurology, endocrinology, and gastroenterology. The fourth year covers specialized disciplines, including paediatrics and oncology, and concludes with elective study. Finally, the fifth year prepares students for the Foundation Programme through assistantships and a home elective, ensuring a well-rounded medical education.

Can you tell me about the research opportunities available at UEA Medical School?

UEA Medical School provides extensive research opportunities, with strengths in clinical medicine, public health, and health services research. The school excels in areas like gastroenterology, cardiovascular medicine, and prostate cancer research. Students can engage in research through various projects, benefitting from the rich research environment of the Norwich Research Park. With over 300 researchers and substantial funding, the school fosters a culture of inquiry and innovation. These opportunities not only enhance my academic journey but also equip me with critical thinking and analytical skills essential for a career in medicine.

What role does UEA Medsoc play in enhancing the student experience?

UEA Medsoc plays a pivotal role in enhancing the medical student experience at UEA. As the largest student-led society, it organizes social events, including the renowned Freshers’ Week, and represents medical students’ needs within the university. Medsoc provides financial support for conference attendance, discounts for joining Medic sports teams, and access to exclusive revision materials. Additionally, it supports smaller medical societies and organises charity events, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among medical students. This enriches the overall medical school experience, providing social, academic, and professional support.

How does UEA Medical School's location influence the medical program?

The location of UEA Medical School in Norwich significantly influences its medical program. Situated in a region with diverse health needs, UEA offers students exposure to various patient demographics and medical conditions. The proximity to Norwich Research Park enriches the learning experience with cutting-edge research and collaboration opportunities. The school’s location fosters a close-knit community atmosphere, beneficial for student well-being and learning. Furthermore, the vibrant and historical city of Norwich provides a stimulating backdrop for medical studies, combining a rich cultural experience with academic rigoour.

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