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The University of Bradford is a public research university located in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Founded in 1966, it is particularly well-regarded for its Pharmacy degree. The degree is a four year undergraduate program that provides students with the knowledge and skills required to become a registered pharmacist. The course is designed to equip students with a thorough understanding of the science behind medicines, and how they can be used to treat various health conditions. The course is divided into two stages, with the first two years focusing on the core scientific concepts of pharmacy, such as pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and pharmaceutical chemistry. Students will also learn about the legal and ethical considerations surrounding the use of medicines, as well as the role of pharmacists in public health. In the third and fourth years, students will have the opportunity to gain practical experience through placements in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, community pharmacies, and GP practices.

The university is home to over 10,000 students from all over the world, and offers a wide range of courses across subjects such as engineering, business, health sciences, and social sciences.

University of Bradford Interview Format

Interviews take place between November and April. For MPharm Pharmacy, interviews are held in person on campus. You will receive an interview invite – if your application is of high enough quality – that you must accept. You should expect a traditional panel-style interview.

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University of Bradford Key Application & Interview Statistics

Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)

Before the Interview

Make sure to research the MPharm Program – this will help you gain a better understanding of the program’s structure, coursework, and key learning outcomes. You should also research the university’s teaching methods, facilities, and resources available to support students. Ensure that you review your personal statement – you need to be prepared to answer any questions related to it. You should also be familiar with current issues in pharmacy and healthcare – pharmacy is an ever-changing field, and it is important to stay up-to-date with current issues and developments. Before your interview, research current pharmacy issues and trends, such as new drugs, regulations, and ethical considerations. Lastly, practise your communication, and your interview techniques – and work through common questions that are likely to arise.

Interview Focal Points

You should expect questions on Pharmacy as a career and your motivation, questions about your values and attributes, and questions on Bradford as a choice of university. 

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University of Bradford Pharmacy Past Interview Questions

Questions on Pharmacy and Motivation
What motivated you to pursue a degree in pharmacy?
How do you see yourself making a difference in the field of pharmacy?
How do you plan to use your pharmacy degree to help improve healthcare in the UK?
What aspect of pharmacy do you find most interesting and why?
How do you plan to stay motivated during the challenging coursework and training required for a pharmacy degree?
What role do you believe pharmacists play in patient care and why is it important?
Can you describe an experience that solidified your decision to pursue a career in pharmacy?
How do you see the field of pharmacy evolving in the next decade and how do you plan to adapt to these changes?
How do you plan to stay up to date with the latest developments and advancements in the pharmacy field?
How have you demonstrated your passion for pharmacy outside of academic coursework?
What is your philosophy on patient-centred care and how do you plan to incorporate this into your practice as a pharmacist?
How do you plan to balance the demands of a pharmacy career with other personal and professional goals?

Questions on Values and Attributes
How would you describe your communication skills and how do you plan to improve them during your pharmacy education and training?
Can you give an example of a time when you had to work collaboratively with a team and how you contributed to its success?
What strategies do you use to build and maintain positive relationships with team members?
What role do you believe effective communication plays in patient safety and how do you plan to prioritise this in your future practice as a pharmacist?
How do you handle conflicts that arise within a team and what steps do you take to resolve them?

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