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The Pharmacy program at the University of Auckland is recognised for its commitment to delivering a comprehensive and forward-thinking education. The Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, underpinned by the University’s status as New Zealand’s leading research institution, offers a curriculum that blends scientific theory with practical application.

A distinguishing feature of this program is its extensive use of case-based learning. This teaching approach fosters critical thinking skills and encourages students to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts. The University of Auckland also prioritises experiential learning, with placements available in a wide range of settings, including hospital and community pharmacies, primary health organisations, and pharmaceutical companies.


This program also emphasises the importance of cultural competency in healthcare, with students encouraged to understand and respect Māori and Pacific health perspectives. With its emphasis on research, practical experience, and cultural understanding, graduates from the University of Auckland’s Pharmacy program are well-prepared to meet the diverse needs of their patients and to make meaningful contributions to the field.

University of Auckland Pharmacy Interview Format

You will need to complete an MMI, or Multiple Mini Interview.

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University of Auckland Pharmacy Key Application & Interview Statistics

Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)
Overall Success Rate (Total Applicants : Total Spaces)

Interview Focal Points

The interview focuses on:

– Communication skills
– Resilience and adaptability in responding to challenges
– Commitment to self-reflection and life-long learning
– Ability to lead and contribute positively within groups
– Awareness of the nature of the health profession
– A strong commitment to the study and practice of health care
– Empathy, sensitivity, and enthusiasm for people and their well-being
– Social responsibility
– Commitment to supporting safe, inclusive, and equitable access to health care for all people in New Zealand

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University of Auckland Pharmacy Past Interview Questions

Communication Skills
Describe a time when you had to explain a complex medical issue to someone without a healthcare background. How did you ensure they understood?
You’re a pharmacist and a patient seems hesitant to take a prescribed medication due to online misinformation. How would you address this?
Can you provide an example of when you had to use your communication skills to resolve a conflict?

Resilience and Adaptability in Responding to Challenges
Describe a time when you faced a significant hurdle in your life. How did you overcome it, and what did you learn?
If you made a mistake in filling a prescription and a colleague noticed it, how would you handle the situation?
How have you adapted to the changes and challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Commitment to Self-Reflection and Life-long Learning
Can you tell us about a time when you received constructive criticism? How did you react and what did you learn?
What is one skill you would like to improve upon and how do you plan to do so?
How do you keep up-to-date with the latest developments in pharmacy and healthcare?

Ability to Lead and Contribute Positively within Groups
Can you provide an example of when you led a team? What was challenging and what would you have done differently?
How would you handle a situation where a team member wasn’t contributing to a group project?
Discuss a time when you had to adjust your communication style to work effectively with a group.

Awareness of the Nature of the Health Profession
What current healthcare issue in New Zealand do you find most pressing, and why?
How do you envision the role of a pharmacist changing in the next decade?
How would you explain the concept of multidisciplinary healthcare teams to a person unfamiliar with the term?

Strong Commitment to the Study and Practice of Health Care
Can you describe a specific experience that confirmed your desire to become a pharmacist?
What steps have you taken to prepare yourself for the demands of studying pharmacy?
How do you manage stress in high-stakes environments such as healthcare?

Empathy, Sensitivity, and Enthusiasm for People and Their Well-being
Describe a time when you helped someone who was struggling.
How would you respond if a patient became upset or angry in the pharmacy?
How have you demonstrated empathy in your personal or professional life?

Social Responsibility
Can you discuss an initiative you’ve undertaken that demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility?
How would you address health disparities in underserved communities?
Discuss a current societal issue in New Zealand and explain why pharmacists should be concerned about it.

Commitment to Supporting Safe, Inclusive, and Equitable Access to Health Care for All People in New Zealand
Discuss a time when you advocated for inclusion or equality.
As a pharmacist, how would you ensure that your practice is inclusive and accessible to all individuals?
How would you approach a situation where a patient’s cultural beliefs seemed to conflict with their prescribed treatment plan?

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