UCAT Updates 2022

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There have been various changes to the UCAT made for the 2022 sitting, which are vital for students to be aware of.

UCAT Quantitative Reasoning Changes

The number of questions in the QR section of the UCAT remains unchanged. However, candidates have one more minute for the section. Whilst a small change, it is nonetheless a significant one in what is a very time-pressured section. That means you’ll have around 41 and a half seconds to complete each question, rather than 40. Don’t alter your strategy – you’ll still need to work quickly and efficiently. However, you might find that you have a tiny bit more time at the end of the section to check over your answers and return to questions that you’ve flagged.

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UCAT Abstract Reasoning Changes

The abstract reasoning section has been shortened. There are now five fewer questions, 50 rather than 55. However, this has been accompanied by a reduction in the amount of time to complete the section. As such, you won’t find it any easier to complete the questions in time – the reduction in time is comparable to the reduction in number of questions.

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UCAT Situational Judgement Changes

The SJT has seen a greater overhaul. The number of questions has been reduced by three, from 69 to 66, although the time limit remains the same at 26 minutes for the section. That means that candidates have a small amount of extra time to complete each question. Most importantly, there is a new type of question; the drag-and-drop question. This question works as follows:
– You will be presented with only two options. For an appropriateness question, that means ‘appropriate’ or ‘not appropriate’ while for an importance question it means ‘important’ or ‘not important.’ You must drag the correct answer next to the responses. It’s likely that candidates will find this new question type to be relatively time consuming, so the reduction in the number of questions will likely not result in the section feeling any ‘easier.’

Key Dates for 2022

The UCAT must be sat between the 11th July and 29th September 2022. You can book the test from the 20th June 2022. Pearson advises that you book a date earlier in the testing cycle if possible.

UCAT Updates 2022

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