UCAT Test Day Checklist

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Using our UCAT Test Day Checklist you can adequately prepare yourself to sit the exam and maximise your chances of succeeding on exam day. There are several jobs and tasks to complete on your test day both before, during and after sitting the UCAT test.

Before leaving for the test Centre

Prepare your body:

The UCAT exam requires 2 hours of intense concentration. The last thing you want to be worrying about during your exam is a rumbling stomach. Fuel your body and brain properly and make sure you have eaten high-carb, high-fibre, slow-digesting foods to keep you full for the whole exam. Food and drinks are not permitted in the exam room. Although during the test you need to be hydrated, avoid having too many drinks on the morning of your exam.

Prepare your documentation:

Without the correct documentation you will not be allowed to sit the UCAT test. Having all your documents printed and accessible helps to make the check-in process of the test day smoother. You are required to bring official photographic identification. Check these match with the list of permitted IDs found on the UCAT Consortium website and exactly match the information provided on your UCAT registration. Print off your appointment confirmation email from Pearson VUE. Although it is permitted to show an electronic copy of this document you do not want an uncharged phone or technical difficulty to prevent you sitting the exam. Any unpermitted additional equipment brought with you on the test day will need to be stored away in a locker, so leave anything valuable at home.

Check the UCAT Consortium Test Centre Exam Rules

Before you arrive at the test centre make sure you are aware of all the rules and regulations you will be required to follow upon arrival.

Check what to do if you encounter a problem on the Test Day

If you encounter any problems on the test day you must know what action to take to resolve them. Problems should be raised to an invigilator immediately rather than waiting to report incidents after sitting the test. Only rarely is action taken to rectify problems encountered on the test day if the problem was are not reported at the time, to the test centre staff. Prior to setting off to the test centre note down the Centre phone number. This can be utilised if you are having any navigation problems on route. If you have any access arrangements, It is advisable to arrive at the Test centre slightly earlier to check all arrangements are in place.

Check the details of your UCAT booking.

Leading up to your test we recommend you double check your UCAT booking information. Make sure you know where your Test Centre is and how you will get there. Both prior to and on the exam day familiarize yourself with your route to the test centre. You will need to arrive at the centre 15 minutes in advance. Plan adequate journey time accounting for potential traffic delays and time to park.

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On arrival at the test centre.

Experiencing anxiety and stress are inevitable on the day of your UCAT. Make sure that you try to avoid any distractions or interactions with others that could increase your stress levels. Remind yourself of all the hard work you have put in to get to this point. Doing breathing exercises or mindfulness activities may help you to avoid any negative cognitive effects due to exam stress.

Check you have no prohibited devices and place personal belongings in a locker.

It can be easy to forget to take off your electronic watch or to leave your phone in the bottom of your pockets. Do one last check that any prohibited electronic devices you own have been stored away or handed to a member of staff. You will be provided with a locker to store your personal belongings during the exam.

In the exam Room

Equipment Check

Check you have all the required equipment. Within the test room you will have an allocated desk space with a PC and keyboard. You are also provided a laminated whiteboard and pen. Check the pen works and raise your hand with any problems. Each desk space will have a set of headphone which can be used for the purpose of noise-cancellation, you may also ask for ear plugs. Raise your hand if your experience technical difficulties, disturbance and distractions or if you require a medication or toilet break.

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After the exam

Make sure you collect the physical copy of your UCAT Score Report, this is how you will be informed of your results. You may find that in the future you are required to show copies of your report card. Keep it safe and consider photocopying the document. The score report will be accessible online also.

Check your ranking:

Depending on when you sit your UCAT exam you may be able to check your ranking. The Test Statistic page of the official UCAT Consortium website will allow you to compare your ranking to the scores of other candidates in your cohort.


Congratulations! Whether you are disappointed or pleased with your UCAT score the test day is over. Although it may be tempting to turn your attention straight back to your schoolwork, extracurricular and BMAT preparations it is important that you give yourself a well-deserved break. The medical application process is lengthy so make sure you have adequate breaks from thinking and working towards medicine.

UCAT Test Day Checklist

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