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Registration for the UCAT exam takes place online and through a portal which opens each year for a set time period (usually from June to September but please check the exact dates for the year you intend to take the test in). There is a strict deadline for registering and no exceptions are made so it is vital that you register during the allotted period. For example, if you try to register before the registration period has opened, you will see a message stating: “The feature that you are trying to access is blocked. Please try again later”.

Who should register me?

You should register personally for the UCAT; do not ask your school or college to do it for you. If you have tested previously, you will need to use your existing account since you can only have one online account.

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What name should I use for registration?

You must register using your legal name exactly as it appears on the photo ID that you intend to present when you sit the test. You will also need to ensure that when you register with UCAS, your name matches exactly so that when your test results are released they can be easily matched to your application. If you need to make changes to the name on your UCAT account, you need to speak to Pearson VUE Customer Services and provide supporting ID.

What other information will I need to provide when I register?

When you register you will need to fill out a registration questionnaire with details such as gender, nationality, country of residence, details of what school or college you have most recently attended. There are also questions to ascertain your socio-economic class which will be used to ensure fairness of testing for different groups of students. You will also need to confirm that you do not have an affiliation with a UCAT coaching business since such individuals are ineligible to sit the UCAT.

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What happens once I have registered?

Once you have created your web account, you will be sent a registration email within 24 hours. This contains a password that you will need to use when you book your test so keep it safe. If you are a UK candidate in financial need, you can apply for a bursary to cover the full test fee. You must do this before booking your test. Similarly, if you have special educational needs, disabilities or medical conditions that mean you are eligible for access arrangements, you must apply and receive approval before booking your test. You may have to provide written evidence.

When does test booking open?

Test booking opens about 4 weeks after registration opens (again, you will need to check the exact dates for the year you intend to take the test in). You can book your test either through the web account you have set up or by calling Pearson VUE Customer Services. You need to make sure that you book the standard version of the UCAT unless you have been granted approval for access arrangements.

Once you have selected your test date and time, you will receive confirmation via email which you should retain safely because it contains other important details about your test appointment.

How much does the UCAT test cost?

The UCAT costs £75 if taken in the UK and £120 if taken outside the UK. Payment is required at the time of booking (or UCAT bursary voucher if you are eligible) and should be made by debit or credit card.

What should I do after I have booked my test?

You should verify that you have booked the correct date and time that you want to take your test. You should continue your test preparation and practice. It might also be worth reading up on how different universities will use your UCAT test results.

Can I make changes to my booking?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your test booking, you can do this through your web account or by phoning Pearson VUE Customer Services (+44 (0) 208 616 5106). You will need to give appropriate notice. If you miss your test for any reason, you will not be eligible to reschedule or for any refund.

When does test booking close?

You will need to check the exact date when test booking closes for the year when you are taking the test, but you must book your test by the given date.

UCAT Registration

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