UCAT Registration & Timeline 2024

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Introduction to UCAT 2024

The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) is a critical component in the application process for prospective medical and dental students in the UK, and some institutions in Australia and New Zealand. This computer-based test evaluates a range of abilities and professional behaviours essential for success in the medical field. It’s crucial for candidates to understand the UCAT registration process and timeline to ensure a successful application.

UCAT 2024: Key Dates and Registration Process

The UCAT Consortium updates the specific dates for the UCAT in January each year.

In 2024, the process will unfold as follows:

  • Account Creation: You will be able to create an account from March onwards. This involves creating an account through the official Pearson Vue website, a vital step in managing your UCAT journey.
  • Booking the Test: Again, you are able to book from March, and the latest that you can book is Friday 17th May. This step is critical as it determines a candidate’s test date within the testing window. Ensure that you keep track of your booking confirmation email.
  • Testing Period: Starts in early July and concludes in September. This period offers flexibility in choosing a test date that fits the candidate’s schedule and preparation. However, you are strongly recommended to book a test for July, per the UCAT Consortium. This is advice that you should heed; booking the test for the summer holidays is sensible, allowing you time to prepare without school work interfering.
  • Results and Further Steps: After the tests, results are usually sent to universities in early November, roughly coinciding with the UCAS application deadline in mid-October.
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Preparing for UCAT 2024

Effective preparation for the UCAT involves a strategic approach and the use of diverse resources. Preparation methods include live online and in-person courses, e-learning modules, and personalised tutoring. Candidates are advised to familiarise themselves with the test format and question types using resources such as question banks and workshops. Starting early and maintaining consistent preparation is crucial for building confidence and proficiency.

Key Strategies for UCAT Success in 2024

Achieving success in the UCAT requires more than just understanding the timeline and preparing for the test; it involves strategic planning and careful execution. Here are some strategies for a smooth UCAT journey:

  • Early Registration: Create your account and book your test as soon as possible to secure your preferred date.
  • Consistent Preparation: Use a variety of resources to tailor your study plan according to your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand the Format: Familiarise yourself with the test format to reduce anxiety and improve test-day performance. Find all our resources here.
  • Stay Informed: Regularly check official sources for updates or changes in the timeline or test format.

The Importance of Time Management for UCAT 2024

Time management plays a crucial role in UCAT preparation. It’s essential to balance UCAT study with other commitments, such as schoolwork or extracurricular activities. Creating a study schedule can help allocate time effectively for UCAT preparation without compromising other responsibilities.

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Using Practice Tests for UCAT

Practice tests are invaluable in preparing for the UCAT. They provide a realistic experience of the test environment and question types. Regular practice helps identify areas of strength and weakness, allowing for targeted improvement. Certain universities will require you to do exceptionally well in order to receive an interview.

Practice tests should be targeted across the spectrum of verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, Maths, abstract reasoning, and of course the SJT as well. Ensure that you read up on each section – our guide to verbal reasoning can be found here, as an example.

Managing Test-Day Anxiety in the UCAT

Test-day anxiety is common and can be mitigated through various techniques. Familiarity with the test format, practising relaxation techniques, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the days leading up to the test can help manage anxiety levels.


The UCAT is a significant milestone in the journey towards a career in medicine or dentistry. Aspiring candidates for 2024 must stay informed, prepare effectively, and strategically plan their approach to this crucial examination. By understanding the key dates, engaging thoroughly in preparation, and following the above strategies, candidates can enhance their chances of success in the UCAT.

UCAT Registration & Timeline 2024

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