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UCAT Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions

Elaine Bromiley was a fit and healthy young woman who was admitted to hospital for routine sinus surgery. During the anaesthetic, she experienced breathing problems and the anaesthetist was unable to insert a device to secure her airway. After 10 minutes it was a situation of ‘can’t intubate, can’t ventilate’; a recognised anaesthetic emergency for which guidelines exist. For a further 15 minutes, three highly experienced consultants made numerous unsuccessful attempts to secure Elaine’s airway and she suffered prolonged periods with dangerously low levels of oxygen in her bloodstream. Early on nurses informed the team that they had brought emergency equipment to the room and booked a bed in intensive care, but neither were utilised. Thirty-five minutes after the start of the anaesthetic, it was decided that Elaine should be allowed to wake up naturally and was transferred to the recovery unit. When she failed to wake up, she was then transferred to the intensive care unit. Elaine never regained consciousness and after 13 days the decision was made to withdraw the ventilation support that was sustaining her life.

Adapted From: Patient Safety and Healthcare Improvement at a Glance (Panesar et al.)

1) Which of the following statements can reasonably be concluded from the passage?

A) There are existing guidelines for dealing with difficult airways
B) The death was solely caused by the anaesthetics being unable to secure the airways
C)  Ventilation is an important aspect of maintaining life
D)  The movement to intensive care is an important aspect of managing difficult airways

The correct answer is B.

2) Which of the following statements is the author most likely to agree with?

A)  Low levels of oxygen caused Elaine to lose her life
B)  Anaesthetic is a common cause of breathing problems
C)  Intensive care is an important aspect of managing difficult airways
D)  13 days is the cut-off for withdrawing ventilation

The correct answer is C.

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UCAT Decision Making Practice Questions

3) Some fish are deep-sea creatures. No deep-sea creatures are crustaceans. Every creature with a shell is a crustacean.

Select the answers where the conclusion follows. Do not select answers where the conclusion does not follow.

A) Some creatures with shells are deep-sea creatures.
B) Some crustaceans don’t have shells.
C)  All fish have shells.
D)  All creatures with shells are not deep-sea creatures.

E)  Some deep-sea fish have shells. 

The correct answer is D.

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UCAT Maths Practice Questions

A holiday company provides a series of package holidays for customers during the summer holiday period, covering flights, accommodation and meals. The different options available at a local resort are listed below:

3 day holidays

2-5 people = £270pp

>5 people = £230pp

Families with children ≤ 18 years old = £200pp for adults, £150pp for children

5 day holidays

2-5 people = £510pp

>5 people = £490pp

Families with children ≤ 18 years old = £450pp for adults, £400pp for children

Additional services

Sport coaching sessions (including tennis, squash, swimming and personal training) = £25pp for a 1-hour session

Spa treatment = £40pp for a 2-hour session

Childcare support = £15 per hour per family

Renting a car = £30 per day

Special offers

20% off the cost of additional services, if using both the spa treatment and sport coaching sessions

5% off the daily cost of renting a car for families with children ≤ 18 years old

Four friends decide to use the package holiday deal. During the holiday, they would want to rent a car on all days, and have three 1-hour tennis sessions each. However, they can’t decide whether to use the 3-day deal twice for a total of six days, or only use the 5-day deal.

4) How much cheaper would it be to utilise the 5-day deal?

A)  5.7%
B) 17%
C) 8.1%
D) 19%
E) 5%

The correct answer is A.

5) A couple choose the 5-day holiday option. They would like to rent a car on the first and final day, and have 2-hour personal training sessions on the second and third days. They would also like to use the spa treatment on the last day. How much would this cost?

A) £1286
B) £1292
 C) £1415
 D) £1527
 E) £1690

The correct answer is B.

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UCAT Practice Questions 2024

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