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There are lots of ways you can prepare for the exam and to make it seem less daunting. These range from fairly simple things such as ensuring you practise your mental maths skills (for the Quantitative Reasoning section) and reading skills (for Verbal Reasoning). Familiarisation with UCAT questions and scenarios is by far the most effective method so you should really incorporate these into your exam preparation. Also, practising test timings can be crucial as it will help you to remain calm during the actual exam.

Whilst past papers per se do not exist, you can however access a range of our free practice questions at:


They will give you a snapshot of the actual UCAT test and show you the type of resources we provide to students attending our UCAT courses.

How to use the practice questions

The best way to use the questions is to do them under timed exam conditions. The following table shows how much time is available in the actual UCAT exam for each subtest. You could use this to calculate how much time you have available for answering practice questions. For example, if you were aiming to complete 5 example passages with sets of 4 questions from Verbal reasoning, you would allow yourself approximately 10 minutes:


Time allowed

Number of questions

Time for each question

Verbal Reasoning

21 minutes


2 minutes for each passage and set of 4 questions

Decision Making

31 minutes


64 seconds

Quantitative Reasoning

24 minutes


40 seconds

Abstract Reasoning

13 minutes


12 seconds

Situational Judgement

26 minutes


22 seconds

After completion, ideally you should go through your questions referring to the answers provided as this will give you encouragement when you see that you have succeeded. Use errors as a learning opportunity, for example, you could maintain a log of particular types of questions that you may continually find challenging. The more practice questions you try, the more familiar you will become with the scenarios and pitfalls and the more confident you will become at applying effective strategies you have learned.

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On our website you will also find a wide array of articles that give you top tips and techniques about what each section of the UCAT comprises, articles about are UCAT scores are calculated, as well as how to optimise your chances of performance in each of the subtests. We also have a number of UCAT preparation courses where you can practise your techniques and learn from experienced UCAT tutors.

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