UCAT Decision Making Tips & Techniques​

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6 Question Types

Contrary to the majority of practice questions available online (which only focus on two or three question types), there are 6 different question types that collectively form UCAT Decision Making. Ensure that you have a good understanding and tailored techniques for each of these:

​Logical Puzzles
Interpreting Information
Recognising Assumptions
Venn Diagrams

Probabilistic Reasoning

Official Practice + ....................

With Decision Making being the newest of the UCAT Sections, there are fewer representative questions available. Prioritise the Official Practice Questions, as well as considering other tests eg. TSA & GCSE Bitesize which overlap in content and question style.

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Time Is Your Friend

With (an average of) 64 seconds/question, Decision Making is arguably the least time restricted section. Nonetheless, this is counteracted by significant variability in question types as well as a range of common pitfalls. Our UCAT Courses are focused on building your awareness of these common pitfalls that are repeated year on year.

Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams are one of the 6 main question types in UCAT Decision Making. It is essential to feel confident extrapolating the following from any given Venn Diagram:

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UCAT Decision Making Tips & Techniques​

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