Pharmacy School Interview Circuit 8

The following stations represent past pharmacy school interview stations, with model answers written by pharmacy school interviewers and interview specialists.

Pharmacy School Interview: Station 1

Station 1 Excellent Candidate Approach

What do you think are the main stresses that you will encounter as a pharmacist?

  • I understand that pharmacy can be a very demanding career, both physically and emotionally. Not only are you often working very long hours, but you can be continuously under public scrutiny. There is a lot of pressure on each decision you have to make, such as whether to proceed with treatments and for patients these can be life changing.
  • The aspect which I would likely find most stressful is having to break bad news to a patient, or having to explain that medication might not work as they expected.

Pharmacy School Interview: Station 2

​Station 2 Excellent Candidate Approach

What would you do if you do not get into Pharmacy this year?

I hope that my application has the credentials to be successful this year however I recognise that the Pharmacy application process is competitive, with many excellent candidates. Initially, I would request feedback from each of the respective universities and thereafter I would aim to strengthen my application accordingly. This may involve arranging additional work experience or improving my personal statement in order to demonstrate my suitability for pharmacy school and I would subsequently re-apply next year.

Pharmacy School Interview: Station 3

​Station 3 Excellent Candidate Approach

What does the word empathy mean to you? How do you differentiate empathy from sympathy?

Empathy can be defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of one another. Sympathy is however defined as feeling bad for someone else’s misfortune. Empathy unlike sympathy, involves sharing the difficult emotions a person is undergoing, thus making someone fell as if they are not suffering alone, and have someone that truly understands their situation.
Sympathy however is slightly more detached, and when feeling bad for a person, it may make the person feel even worse about their situation. Empathy provides means of support, and comfort to a person during their time of need, and this can positively promote physical and emotional recovery.

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