Pharmacy School Interview Circuit 3

The following stations represent past pharmacy school interview stations, with model answers written by pharmacy school interviewers and interview specialists.

Pharmacy School Interview: Station 1

Station 1 Excellent Candidate Approach

You are a salesperson for a bottled water manufacturer and you need to attend a meeting with a local distributor to discuss business advancement. You can only take 4 items of the 15 items listed below, which four would you take?

Phone charger
Your smartphone
Breath freshener
Your business card
File folder
A sample of the bottled water
A Book
Hand lotion
Cup of coffee

​‘BlackStone Tutors 5 Step Approach to Prioritisation Tasks’

  1. Review the options available
  2. Identify your 4 preferred items/the ideal order to complete the tasks
  3. Explain why you have chosen these options/this order (making your explanations as specific as possible to the task, eg. Why some tasks are ranked highly)
  4. Explain why you did not choose the other options/why they are ranked lower
  5. Possible further mentions:

                If additional item/options were permitted, I would also consider taking….
                Alternatively, if the task were based in ………….I would prioritise taking……….
I would choose to take my laptop, smartphone, business card and a sample of the bottled water.

  • I would take my laptop due to its multi-function potential. In additional to having useful business information, it also allows me to combine the functions of the notepad and pen into one single item. Hence, allowing me to note down any learning/action points from the meeting.
  • Similarly the sample of bottle water is essential given that it represents the product being manufactured and hence is key to the discussions, as well as being a potential hydration source should this be required.
  • My smartphone will be useful in case I need to call my employer during the meeting, or in case I need directions on getting to the place of the meeting beforehand.
  • My business card may also be useful to provide to the person I’m meeting, in order to make it easier for them to contact me following the meeting.
  • On the other hand, the pencil would likely not be needed, given that I have my laptop
  • Additionally, it may be unprofessional to attend a bilateral meeting with a single cup of coffee. The coffee may also ‘stay on my breath’, and whilst I would have liked to take the breath freshener, I had already chosen the maximum four permitted items.

Pharmacy School Interview: Station 2

Station 2 Excellent Candidate Approach

Why would you like to study Pharmacy?

There are three main reasons why pharmacy appeals to me:I like the idea of working independently as an individual in treating patients, improving their quality of life, whilst very much supported within a team environment.
From my work experience, I was attracted to the energy and enthusiasm around the profession, and from speaking to pharmacists, I have learnt how fulfilling and rewarding a career it can be.
I have also seen how pharmacy is always evolving;  you have great flexibility to diversify learn new skills. 

Pharmacy School Interview: Station 3

Station 3 Excellent Candidate Approach

​If a patient requires 750ml in 4 hours of an intravenous medication, what is the desired flow rate?
​(Give your answer to 3 significant figures)

750ml over 4 hours
‘X’ ml over 1 hour
750/4 = 187.5
‘X’ = 187.5 ml/hour
= 186ml/hour (3 significant figures)

​You are required to give a patient 4.0g of a new chemotherapy agent Busapar. This comes as a 30% (w/v) solution in bags containing 750ml. What volume of the 750ml bag would you have remaining after preparing the required solution?
Please provide your answer to 2 decimal places.

​1% = 1g in 100ml
30% = 30g in 100ml
30g = 100ml
4g = 13.33ml
750ml – 13.33ml = 736.67ml

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