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Here, we break down the top ten chambers in the UK. Note that there are many factors one can judge a chambers on, so this list is by no means exhaustive or conclusive.

1. One King's Bench Walk (1KBW)

One King’s Bench Walk, also known as 1KBW, is a leading family law chambers in the UK, known for high-profile cases that have a national and international impact. Their pupillage award is generous, often exceeding the minimum pupillage award set by the Bar Standards Board. Furthermore, the size of the chambers allows for a high level of specialisation, which is beneficial for pupils with a focused interest in family law.

2. 39 Essex Chambers

39 Essex Chambers is a multi-disciplinary set with specialisms ranging from commercial litigation to public law. They are known for their high-profile public law cases and considerable impact on shaping legal precedents. The chambers offers a comprehensive pupillage award and has a broad size, allowing for an expansive scope of work and greater opportunities for professional development.

3. Blackstone Chambers

Blackstone Chambers stands out as one of the leading sets in commercial and public law. It is especially well-regarded for its contributions to landmark cases that shape UK and international law. Additionally, Blackstone Chambers offers a competitive pupillage award and tends to recruit a larger number of pupils compared to other sets, which can increase your odds of securing a pupillage here.

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4. Brick Court Chambers

Brick Court Chambers is renowned for its work in commercial and EU law. It’s known for its impact on shaping policy and legislative frameworks both in the UK and the European Union. The pupillage award is competitive, and the chambers is of moderate size, allowing for a close-knit, yet dynamic environment.

5. Fountain Court Chambers

Fountain Court Chambers specialises in commercial litigation and international arbitration. Their work often has global ramifications, making them a highly impactful chambers. With a generous pupillage award and a medium-sized chambers, they offer a balanced blend of opportunities and specialised learning experiences.

6. Devereux Chambers

Devereux Chambers is a key player in employment law and tax law, areas that are constantly evolving. Their cases often reach the higher courts, demonstrating a significant impact on the legal landscape. The chambers provides a robust pupillage award and is medium-sized, offering a welcoming but challenging environment for professional growth.

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7. Outer Temple Chambers

Specialising in healthcare, employment, and public law, Outer Temple Chambers has a reputation for high-quality advocacy and advisory services. Their pupillage award is competitive, and they offer a range of mini-pupillages and internships that serve as excellent preparatory steps. With a moderate chamber size, pupils can expect tailored mentorship and training.

8. Monckton Chambers

Monckton Chambers is a leading set in competition and EU law, often involved in cases with a substantial economic and social impact. Their pupillage award is above the industry average, and the chambers has a reputation for nurturing talent, backed by a robust internal training programme.

9. South Square

South Square is noted for its specialisation in insolvency, restructuring, and commercial litigation. It has a reputation for handling complex cases with a high financial stake. A competitive pupillage award and a smaller, more focused chamber size offer an excellent learning environment.

10. Keating Chambers

Keating Chambers is a leading set in the construction and engineering sectors. They are highly sought after for their expertise and are often involved in groundbreaking cases domestically and internationally. Their pupillage award is competitive, and their medium-sized chamber offers a range of opportunities for specialisation.

While the above chambers are renowned for their impact and offerings, there are several other noteworthy sets that excel in specific areas. For instance, Landmark Chambers is exceptional for environmental and planning law, and Falcon Chambers is the go-to for property law. Quadrant Chambers is highly regarded for shipping and commercial law, while 39 Essex Chambers stands out for public law and human rights. Additionally, Brick Court Chambers is lauded for its work in commercial disputes and public law. It’s crucial to consider these specialisations when evaluating where to apply for pupillage. Make sure to consult official resources, such as the directories provided by the Bar Council, for a comprehensive understanding of each chamber’s strengths. This nuanced approach will help you find a chamber that aligns closely with your own interests and career aspirations.

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