Tips for Answering 16+ Interview Questions on Diversity & Sensitivity

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Addressing questions about diversity and sensitivity in 16+ interviews requires an understanding of cultural nuances and an empathetic communication style. It’s vital that you’re ready to think about more than just where you’ve come from, and be ready to face a global education system and, in time, workforce. Here, we will focus on a 5-step approach to answering questions on diversity.

A 5-Step Approach to Discussing Diversity and Sensitivity in 16+ Interviews

1. Identify Key Experiences: Start by identifying experiences that have significantly contributed to your understanding of diversity and sensitivity. This could include participation in multicultural events, engagement with community service, or personal interactions in diverse settings.

2. Describe the Impact: Elaborate on how these experiences impacted your views on diversity. Focus on specific insights gained and how they have broadened your perspectives on cultural differences and the importance of sensitivity.

3. Demonstrate Application: Share examples of how you’ve applied your understanding of diversity and sensitivity in real-life scenarios. This might involve resolving conflicts, adapting communication styles to be more inclusive, or initiating diversity-promoting activities.

4. Reflect on Growth: Reflect on what these experiences have taught you about yourself and others. Highlight any changes in your attitudes or behaviors as a result of your increased cultural awareness and sensitivity.

5. Think Global: Discuss how your experiences and reflections contribute to a global mindset. Emphasise the importance of this perspective in today’s interconnected world and how it prepares you to thrive in diverse academic and social environments.

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16+ Interview Questions on Diversity: Model Question & Answer


“Can you discuss a time when your understanding of diversity and sensitivity was challenged, and how you addressed it?”


Identify Key Experiences: “My understanding was challenged during a volunteer project abroad, where I collaborated with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. This environment was both enriching and presented unique challenges.”

Describe the Impact: “Immersing myself in this setting enhanced my cultural sensitivity significantly. I learned the importance of listening actively and understanding diverse perspectives before forming judgments. This experience taught me that true understanding requires patience and openness.”

Demonstrate Application: “I applied this newfound understanding by mediating a situation where cultural misunderstandings had led to a communication breakdown within the team. By facilitating an open dialogue, I ensured that every team member felt heard and respected. This approach not only resolved the immediate issue but also strengthened our team’s cohesion.”

Reflect on Growth: “Reflecting on this experience, I realized the critical role empathy and adaptability play in diverse settings. It reshaped my approach to teamwork and leadership, making me more aware of the nuances of intercultural communication.”

Think Global: “These experiences have been instrumental in cultivating a global mindset. I’ve come to appreciate the significance of cultural sensitivity, not just in personal interactions but as a crucial skill in today’s globalized educational and professional environments. It has motivated me to pursue further opportunities that challenge my cultural understanding and contribute to a more inclusive world.”

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Model Question & Answer 2


“How have your experiences with diversity shaped your approach to learning and working in multicultural environments?”


Identify Key Experiences: “My most impactful experience came from spending a semester abroad in Spain. Immersing myself in a new culture was both challenging and enlightening.”

Describe the Impact: “This immersion broadened my perspective significantly. I learned to appreciate the subtleties of cultural expressions and the importance of cultural context in communication. It taught me that diversity goes beyond surface differences to deeper values and experiences that shape viewpoints.”

Demonstrate Application: “Upon returning, I initiated a cross-cultural exchange program at my school to share these insights. By organising workshops and discussion groups, I facilitated an environment where students could explore cultural nuances and develop mutual respect.”

Reflect on Growth: “This experience transformed my understanding of diversity. It moved me from a passive acknowledgment of differences to an active appreciation and curiosity about other cultures. It’s taught me the value of empathy and the importance of inclusivity in creating environments where everyone feels valued and understood.”

Think Global: “These lessons have been fundamental in developing a global mindset. Understanding the complexity of cultural interactions has prepared me for a future in a global workforce. It’s not just about working alongside people from different backgrounds but actively engaging with them to create innovative, inclusive solutions.”

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