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General Information

The University of Melbourne dental school does not interview. You should therefore ensure that you are confident on their criteria for admissions, as your application alone will be the key to success at this university. If you are considering applying to other Australian dental schools, make sure to look at our free resources specific to each.

Despite the fact that the university does not interview, you should give thought to whether or not you fit their profile. The university looks for a specific kind of student, who will be able to best succeed in both their academic studies and their future career as a dentist. They emphasise that you must be confident in the areas of observation, communication, fine motor skills, conceptual, integrative and quantitative skills, and show an awareness of behavioural and social skills and concepts. If you feel confident in these areas, you need only ensure that your application is strong. You should ensure that you put sufficient hours into the entrance test – as detailed below, BlackStone Tutors has an extensive bank of BMAT questions for those applying from the UK.

Applying to Melbourne for Dentistry

If you wish to apply to Melbourne for their Doctor of Dental Surgery program, you must have completed an undergraduate degree – in any discipline – within the last 10 years (i.e. the 10 years before commencing the DDS program). Alternatively, you may wish to apply as a Chancellor’s scholar – however this requires you have an ATAR of 99 or above. This option allows you to sit an undergraduate degree and receive a guaranteed place on the DDS course, assuming you maintain a sufficiently high score in your primary degree.

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Prerequisite Subjects for Melbourne Dentistry

There are prerequisite subjects demanded by the school – these are anatomy, biochemistry, and physiology, all of which must be offered at second year level or later, and all of which must have been completed within the last ten years prior to commencing the DDS program. You need only to have completed one subject within each of these fields. As an example, if you are applying for entry in 2023, you must have completed both your degree AND your prerequisite subjects within the last 10 years – meaning that if you took them to only the second year of a four year degree, you would need to have subsequently graduated from that degree only 8 years ago. At the university of Melbourne itself, the following courses are considered to meet the prerequisites and are in turn used to assess subjects from other universities in order to check that they are equivalent: ANAT20006 Principle of Human Structure, BCMB20002 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and PHYS20008 Human Physiology – for anatomy, biochemistry and physiology respectively.

The GAMSAT (or equivalent) for Melbourne Dental School

Melbourne Dental School requires you to have sat the Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) if you are Australian. Alternatively, if you are applying from overseas then you will need to have completed one of the following:

If you are applying from the US, you will need to have sat the United States DAT (Dental Admissions Test)
If you are applying from Canada, you will need to have sat the Canadian DAT
If you are applying from the UK, you will need to have sat the UK BMAT (Biomedical Admissions Test).

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GPA Ranking at Melbourne Dental School

Your GPA will be used to rank you on academic merit. However, you should note that only your most recent bachelor’s degree results will be used for this purpose, regardless of whether you have completed subsequent graduate studies. The GPA will be calculated through looking at the last three years of your undergraduate studies, including Honours year(s). Weightings are applied as follows:

First year of the final three is worth 1
Second year of the final three is worth 2
Third year of the final three is worth 2


There are only 96 seats available per year for the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at Melbourne. This is calculated through looking at the availability of dental chairs at the Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne and the Melbourne Dental Clinic.

Key Dates

For domestic students applying via GEMSAS, applications will typically open on the first of May and close on the 31st May. Chancellor’s Scholars (those who have sat an undergraduate degree at the university having scored 99 or above on the ATAR) should apply via the University of Melbourne Student Portal by the 31st May.

The University of Melbourne Dentistry Interview Questions

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