The Ohio State University Dentistry Interview Questions

Past Interview Questions & Tips

The Ohio State University Dentistry Key Information

Ohio State explains that its applicants must show a diverse range of experiences to succeed in reaching the interview stage, and be able to discuss these experiences in detail to gain an offer. They should also be well versed on their volunteer experience, community service, research work, leadership experience, and any other work, military or teaching experience. 

250 applicants are typically interviewed in each cycle. Interviews are in-person and open file. 

All information is provided to those selected to interview via email, including location, schedule, and pre-interview programming.

The Ohio State University Dentistry Key Application & Interview Statistics

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The Ohio State University Dentistry Past Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Dentistry

  • What career would you choose if you didn’t choose dentistry?
  • 3 words to describe yourself?
  • What type of material was used in the fillings you observed?
  • How do you see your role as a dentist?
  • From your observations, what is the general trend of dentistry?
  • What’s one thing you don’t like about dentistry?
  • What specifically have you gained from your volunteer experiences?
  • Do you know anyone who went to Ohio State’s College of Dentistry?
  • What will you need to do to be successful in dental school and as a dentist?
  • Why would you make a good dentist?
  • What role does research have on dentistry and is it important?
  • What is a challenge in dentistry that you believe you will have to overcome?
  • What do you know about dental technology?
  • What is the most important quality a dental student should have to be successful?
  • Tell me about your shadowing.
  • Are you passionate about becoming a dentist?
  • Do you think you are academically prepared to handle dental school?
  • What is your experience of dentistry?
  • Where do you see yourself in the future?
  • What types of procedures did you witness during your observation?
  • What did you observe during shadowing?
  • Do you think you’ll specialize?
  • Why OSU?
  • What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of dental school?
  • Tell me about this volunteer experience.
  • Tell me about your DAT score.
  • Do you have any family members who are dentists?
  • What type of community service volunteer experiences have you had?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What first attracted you to dentistry?
  • What are important character attributes of a successful dentist?
  • Why did you choose to pursue dentistry?
  • Tell me about your academics.
  • Tell me about your DAT preparation.

Manual Dexterity

  • What have you done to improve your skills in manual dexterity?

Ethical Scenarios

  • Tell me about a time when you made a mistake and what you would do differently.
  • What do you do if a patient refuses your treatment plan?
  • How will you resolve staff conflicts with your employees?
  • What should be done with dentists that do something unethical?

Teamwork Tasks

  • What type of people do you easily work with and what type of person do you have a hard time working with?
  • Would you call yourself a leader? What experiences have you had in a leadership position?
  • How have your leadership positions helped you in dispute resolution?

Communication Stations​

  • How would you give bad news to a patient?

Sales Pitch Station

  • If you were going to sell yourself to the board/committee, what would you say?

Ohio State University Dentistry Interview Questions and Answers

Why are you interested in pursuing your dental education at Ohio State University's College of Dentistry?

I am drawn to Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry for its comprehensive approach to dental education. Being part of an extensive health sciences center, it provides a dynamic learning environment that is essential for a well-rounded dental education. The large clinical setting and access to a distinguished faculty offer diverse learning opportunities. This aligns perfectly with my goals of gaining a broad and in-depth understanding of dentistry. Additionally, the emphasis on innovation and research at Ohio State resonates with my aspirations to contribute to advancements in dental practices and technologies.

How do you think the curriculum at Ohio State University's College of Dentistry will support your educational goals?

The curriculum at Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry is designed to support a comprehensive dental education, blending academic rigor with practical experiences. The emphasis on achieving high standards in GPA and DAT scores motivates me to strive for academic excellence. Completing the prerequisite courses ensures a strong foundation in sciences, vital for a successful dental career. The program’s focus on diverse clinical experiences from the outset is particularly appealing to me, as it prepares students for immediate success in various aspects of dentistry.

Reflect on your preparation for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) and how it aligns with the expectations at Ohio State University's College of Dentistry.

My preparation for the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) was intensive and aligns with the high expectations of Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry. I aimed for a balanced and competitive score, focusing on both academic knowledge and practical understanding. This preparation has not only equipped me for the DAT but also solidified my foundational knowledge in dental sciences, essential for Ohio State’s rigorous academic environment.

Describe your experience in gaining dental observation hours and how it prepares you for Ohio State University's College of Dentistry.

Gaining extensive dental observation hours has been a significant part of my preparation for dental school. By diversifying my experiences across various dental practices, I have observed a range of dental procedures and patient interactions. This exposure to different dental settings has given me a realistic insight into the dental profession, aligning with Ohio State’s emphasis on practical dental experience. These hours have affirmed my commitment to pursuing a career in dentistry and equipped me with practical understanding and patient care skills.

You are working in a clinic as part of your training at Ohio State University's College of Dentistry and encounter a situation where a patient refuses a necessary dental procedure due to anxiety and misinformation. How would you handle this situation?

In such a scenario, my approach would be guided by the ethical principles I’ve learned at Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry. First, I would seek to understand the patient’s concerns through empathetic communication, providing a safe and non-judgmental space for them to express their fears and misconceptions. I would then provide clear, evidence-based information about the procedure, addressing each of their concerns patiently. It’s important to respect the patient’s autonomy while ensuring they are well-informed. If anxiety is a major barrier, I would discuss possible relaxation techniques or sedation options. Throughout, I would collaborate with my supervising faculty to ensure the patient receives the best possible care while feeling heard and respected.

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