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The Harrodian School Overview

The Harrodian School in London is a co-educational independent institution known for offering a balanced and stimulating education. Students ranging from Pre-Prep to Sixth Form attend the school, with key admission points at various stages like 4+, 8+, 11+, 13+, and 16+. The school is committed to providing a nurturing environment that caters to the individual needs of its pupils.

The Harrodian School 16+ Application Process & Interview Format

The application process for 16+ entry at The Harrodian School involves a few key steps:

  • Initial Application: Interested students should complete an online registration form, adhering to the deadline provided by the school.
  • Assessment and Interview: For Sixth Form entry, candidates need to meet specific grade requirements in their GCSEs, particularly in subjects chosen for A-Level study. The school conducts assessments and interviews to evaluate candidates’ suitability for their rigorous academic environment.
  • Offers and Acceptance: Successful candidates are offered places based on their performance in the assessments and interviews. The offers are conditional on meeting the minimum requirements at GCSE.
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The Harrodian School 16+ Interview Questions and Answers

Why do you want to join The Harrodian School?

Joining The Harrodian School presents a unique opportunity to be part of an educational environment that combines historical significance with a progressive approach to learning. The school, evolving from its initial size of 65 pupils to a thriving community of over 1,500 students, offers an intimate yet diverse educational experience. Its foundation on the former grounds of the Harrodian Club adds to its distinctive character. The school’s commitment to a comprehensive curriculum is evident in its extensive sports facilities, which include Astroturf pitches, tennis and netball courts, and an outdoor swimming pool, fostering a balanced development in both academic and physical education. The school’s emphasis on nurturing individual talents, coupled with its array of extracurricular activities, aligns with my goal of achieving a well-rounded education in a supportive and dynamic setting.

What is the history of The Harrodian School?

The Harrodian School, located in Barnes, South-west London, has a unique history that began in 1993 on the site of the former Harrods Sports Club. Founded by Lady Eliana and Sir Alford Houstoun-Boswall, it started with a modest enrolment of 65 pupils, which has significantly grown over the years. The school’s name, derived from its previous incarnation as the Harrodian Club for Harrods department store employees, was a point of legal contention with the store’s owner, Mohamed Al-Fayed. Despite these early challenges, including a publicised incident involving the founding headmistress, the school has flourished, reaching a student body of 1,500 by 2010. The school was deeply impacted by the loss of its long-serving principal, Peter Thompson, in 2011. Today, The Harrodian School stands as a testament to resilience and growth, offering a comprehensive education to its diverse student body.

What are the facilities and resources available at The Harrodian School?

The Harrodian School boasts an impressive array of facilities and resources that cater to a holistic educational experience. Set on the picturesque grounds of the former Harrodian Club, the school has expanded and adapted these facilities for educational purposes. Key features include state-of-the-art sports amenities such as Astroturf pitches, hard courts, and a large outdoor swimming pool, emphasising the school’s commitment to physical education and sports. Additionally, the school offers 25 acres of playing fields, tennis and netball courts, and a dance/gym studio. These facilities not only support a wide range of sports activities but also provide opportunities for students to engage in dance and gymnastics. The school’s dedication to sports is complemented by its extensive extra-curricular programs, offering sports clubs such as tennis, swimming, running, ballet, and karate, alongside academic pursuits. Moreover, the school’s sports website provides detailed information on fixtures, competitions, and events, reflecting its active engagement in competitive sports and physical education.

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The Harrodian School 16+ Past Interview Questions

  • How do you approach and solve complex problems in your studies?
  • Can you discuss a time when you had to overcome a significant challenge?
  • How do you manage to balance your academic and extracurricular activities?
  • What are your academic and career aspirations, and how does The Harrodian School fit into these goals?
  • Can you discuss a book or topic that has significantly influenced your way of thinking?
  • How do you stay motivated and focused during challenging academic periods?
  • What do you consider to be your strongest academic skill, and how have you developed it?
  • How do you adapt to new environments or changes in your academic life?
  • What global issue are you passionate about, and how would you address it?
  • Describe a project or task where you demonstrated leadership skills.


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