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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka was founded in 1955, and is located in one of the oldest parts of Rijeka. The school educates ‘experts in the field of medicine and environmental and public health’ and works with both the Faculty of Health Studies and the Faculty of Dental Medicine. The faculty is the oldest and largest part of the University of Rijeka.

There are 196 students who study Medicine in English. The degree confers the title of Doctor of Medicine upon completion – the entire degree is 6 years long.

To apply, you must have completed high school, met prerequisite courses, and passed tests as required. If you have completed a premedical college or passed the MCAT – with a minimal score of 125 for each section – you will be exempted from the entrance exam. Equally, if you have:
– earned a BA/Bsc degree in natural sciences with good credits in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry
– taken SAT Subject Tests in Biology, Physics and Chemistry with a minimal score of 600 in each subject
– taken the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT) (> 4.0 in all tested categories)
– taken the MediTest-EU (> 70%)

Then you may be exempted from the exam.

If you are not a native speaker of English or have not graduated from an English-speaking secondary school, then you will need to show English proficiency through either TOEFL, with paper-based test 500, Internet-based test 60, computer-based test 170 – or IELTS with a score of 6. Cambridge and Oxford English language exams and certificates at level B2 are also accepted, as well as certificates of English language proficiency issued by a secondary school.

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka Interview & Exam Format

There is no interview, but the written entrance exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions, with 40 questions from each of biology, Chemistry, and Physics. You must attain a score of 50% or more to pass.

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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka Key Application & Interview Statistics

The acceptance rate is estimated to be 64%, based on data from similar institutions – although the institution does not release data itself.

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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka Past Exam & Interview Questions

Which of the following organisms are not eukaryotic:

A) protists
B) eubacteria
C) fungi
D) plants
E) animals

Protection from phagocytosis is mediated by:

A) capsule
B) cell wall
C) membrane
D) nucleoid
E) plasmid

Cyanobacterial cell contains:

A) cell wall
B) carboxysomes
C) thylakoids
D) cyanophycin
E) everything is correct

Which of the following proteins are not a part of cytoskeleton:

A) actin fibers
B) intermediate filaments
C) microtubules
D) macrotubules
E) none is correct

Fluid mosaic model was developed by:

A) Hooke
B) Schleiden
C) Schwann
D) Linne
E) Singer and Nicolson

Which of the following molecule can be classified in a group of small uncharged polar molecules?

A) benzene
B) Na+
C) glucose
D) ethanol
E) O2

Find the correct statement related to endocytosis:

A) it is an active process
B) it uses membrane vesicles for molecular transport
C) it spends ATP
D) it is used for entry of pathogens
E) everything is correct

mRNA synthesis takes place in:

A) nucleus
B) nucleolus
C) endoplasmic reticulum
D) Golgi apparatus
E) mitochondria

Polysaccharide synthesis takes place in:

A) Golgi apparatus
B) mitochondria
C) centrioles
D) endoplasmic reticulum
E) lysosomes


A) is a single-membrane bound organelle
B) store Mg2+ for cell signaling
C) mediate cell death
D) has dependent genome and proteome
E) cannot be visualized with light microscope

Sucrose is a:

A) monosaccharide
B) simple sugar
C) disaccharide
D) polysaccharide
E) nucleotide


Total body water volume is approximately:

A) 40L
B) 25L
C) 15L
D) 12L
E) 3L

Protein structure on chromatids where the spindle fibers attach during cell division to pull sister chromatids apart is called:

A) centromere
B) kinetochore
C) centrosome
D) actin–myosin contractile ring
E) crossing over

Human somatic cells consist of:

A) 23 pairs of homologous chromosomes
B) 22 pairs of autosomes
C) 1 pair of sex-chromosomes
D) 46 chromosomes
E) everything is correct

Find the F2 generation genotypic ratio in Mendelian monohybrid cross with incomplete dominance:

A) 3:1
B) 1:1
C) 9:3:3:1 D) 1:2
E) 1:2:1

Which of the following is not a test cross?

A) aabb x AaBb
B) bb x Bb
C) DdEe x DDEE
D) Dd x dd
E) ffgg x FfGg

Which of the following genotypes is homozygous for one trait, and heterozygous for another trait?

A) Bb
B) Aabb
C) AAbb
D) AaBb
E) Aa

Find the karyotype typical for aneuploidy:

A) 46,XX
B) 23,X
C) 69,XXX
D) 45,X
E) 92,XXXX

RNA polymerase is a main:

A) replication enzyme
B) transcription enzyme
C) translation enzyme
D) transfer enzyme
E) none is correct

Find the codon that represents first aminoacid:


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