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’On behalf of our students, a massive thank you for arranging the Medics session on Wednesday. The feedback from the students had been outstanding and they felt that it gave them a clear, concise understanding of the whole application process and some extremely useful tips and advice. “The time flew” was stated by a number of students and we were also very impressed with the way the presenter engaged with the students – actively encouraging them to ask questions – rather than just talking at them……Thanks again, and if possible we would love to be considered for a similar event next year.’

Dr Challoner’s Grammar School

​‘Blackstone Tutors were a wonderful company to deal with and I would definitely use them again in the future and recommend them. The staff there were friendly, efficient and knew exactly what they were doing when it came to writing an outstanding personal statement. The price that you pay for their service is more than worth it, many thanks for all your help.’

Vada Singh

‘Thank you so much for our excellent course. Abbas was extremely competent and professional as well as being very pleasant. He kept the students stimulated and challenged all day, with motivating advice and very useful strategies. An excellent day .. Thank you again.’

St Christophers CE High School

‘Our students learnt a lot from the making it into medicine at University talk… I recommend the presenter and presentation for any student looking to study medicine at university. Thank you for all your help.’

Cardiff Sixth Form College

‘The lessons I had with Nimneh were fantastic. She efficiently helped me with my personal statement to make it more to the point, and thanks to her I have already received all my offers, with lowered entry requirements. She is very organised and knew exactly what to correct, and adjusted some of my vocabulary to more sophisticated words. I would very much recommend her for personal statement services in the future to friends.’

Maria Kazarian

‘We were very impressed by the talk. The information had depth and detail it stretched the students to be aware of the requirements for a real interview. Because the presenter was experienced in giving medical interviews students we were made aware of important points to mention and not mention in personal statements. Excellent can we book again for next year please?’

Dartford Grammar School

‘The quality of the (Bespoke BMAT) course was excellent. I could see no points for improvement.’

Sa-Bin Hong (Incheon, South Korea)

‘The session was very informative, especially learnt a lot from the interview section. Dr Merali is a very good presenter, easy to approach and offers thought provoking questions’

Juhi Rastogi

‘Many thanks to you and Rana for taking the time to tutor Maga. Rana is punctual, polite and professional, 10/10.’

Zaura Gayeva

‘I got 49/52 over all – full marks for the written section and 11/12 for each of the ‘OSCE’ stations. The course was definitely worth it!!’

Dr EH (GP Academic Clinical Fellowship)

‘Thank you. I got my first choice this time. BlackStone tutors was very helpful and Dr Rizwan did very well. Thank you.’ 

Dr SJ (GP East of England Deanery)

‘My application went well. I got 4/4 for all communication simulated consultation stations. I have a job offer in August in one of my top choices. Thank you’

Dr KH (GP North Western Deanery)

‘I had a good exam; passed it and got one of my top choices. Thanks for the lovely teaching I got during the course – I enjoyed it and found it very useful.’


‘The course was great and I felt it definitely helped with my preparation. Many thanks for your help’

Dr HB (GP Thames Valley Deanery)

‘Belen was really happy last Saturday in London doing the BMAT course. Thank you very much.’

Dr Mari Carmen (Asturias, Spain)

‘The course was very insightful especially the extra knowledge on current and past medical occurrences.’

Student, Mander Portman Woodward (London)

‘Very useful, I defintiely feel better prepared to sit the BMAT examination. Thank you!’

Student, Bosworth Independent College

‘The course has been extremely useful and informative. I feel like I can now focus my revision more.’

Anonymous Student

‘Very useful in structuring MMI answers and general questions. Booklet is very informative. Very knowledgeable teachers & constructive advice.’

Student at Portsmouth Grammar School

‘Extremely useful course. Taught me techniques that will prove very helpful in the MMI Stations’ 

Anonymous Student

‘Very useful as it was very detailed and specific about the different questions types and structures necessary for these questions. 10/10.’

Student at St Albans High School for Girls

‘Brilliant. Answered all my questions. Great guidance and the MMI book will be very useful. I feel really confident in facing the MMI interviews.’

Student at Felsted School

‘Very good course; very well articulated. Professional interviewers with very informative advice.’

Anonymous Student

‘Very useful course -well structured & a good length with engaging teaching. The booklet is really helpful!’

Student, Westminster School

‘An extremely useful course with lots of great resources to use.’

Anonymous Student

‘The course was very useful both with respect to BMAT preparation and interview preparation.’

Student, SJI International

‘The course was very informative and practical, challenging me throughout.’

Joyce Kimani

‘The course was extremely useful in preparing me for the UKCAT examination.’

Rhys Elgumati

‘A very useful course. I learnt a lot about the structure of the UKCAT and most importantly, the best way to answer each type of UKCAT question.’

Student, Robert Gordon’s College

‘Very insightful. I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking the UKCAT examination.’

Student, Robert Gordon’s College

‘Very useful! I feel more excited now to hopefully get into Med School. Thank you!’

Mahanoor Qadir

‘Extremely useful. It has cleared up a lot for me.’

Sandi Dawson

‘Useful, well organised session with a clear explanation of what is needed to be done in each UKCAT Section.’

Anonymous Student

‘It was very useful as it contained everything needed to be known to the student. Also, good way of teaching, communication, resources and techniques.’

Amena Al Saad

‘Very useful as it addressed ways to approach questions and also tips to help answer questions’

Megan Quigley

‘Very useful, lots of tips and tricks to help you feel more confident. Helps you realise the sections you need to work on and shows you how to improve’

Anonymous Student

‘Really good balance between sections and I liked the university application section! The book is brilliant, and teaching style was interactive and friendly’

Anonymous Student

‘Very useful, many techniques towards all sections of the UKCAT were covered, that I had not previously learned using other resources. Also the application and interview section at the end was very helpful and will help me to avoid making the mistakes discussed.’

Anonymous Student

‘I found it very informative and it has provided me with a solid foundation which I can now build on with practice.’

Seyitan Sobowale

‘Great insight into UKCAT technique and interview preparation’

Anonymous Student

‘Very useful! All questions were answered very well and everything was clearly explained. It was interactive and very fun. Thank you!’

Aditi Mukherjee

‘Very useful in how to answer UKCAT Sections as efficiently as possible.’

Anonymous Student

‘Vey useful, engaging and interesting. Many tips which are really helpful for the application and interview.’

Natalie Savage

‘Very useful, informative and insightful especially the interaction with the interview section.’

Saira Rashid

‘Extremely useful, very clear and helpful!’

Shireen Brookes

‘The course was helpful in understanding the key areas that help make a great application, by putting as much effort in every section’

Felicia, Ursuline Sixth Form

‘Extremely useful, very clear and helpful!’‘I found it very useful as I learnt many tips for personal statements and interviews.’

Sarah Choudhury

‘Very useful! Good tips for getting into Medicine, covered key areas many of which were not covered on other courses.’

Student, Woodford County High School

‘Information very clear and in depth detail on applying to Medicine’

Fiona Pereira

‘Very useful. I feel more confident in writing a good personal statement and what to expect in an interview.’

Helen Kabir

‘I found it really useful because it opened up parts of the application process which are difficult to fin information about, and I also learnt about things which I had not covered.’

Navjeet Kaura

‘Much more informative compared to other lectures about applying. Appreciate the small group to really focus personally.’

Francesca Farlie

‘I thought this course was really useful. Gave me lots of tips and hints on what I should be doing in preparation for the Medicine applications. The tips on the interviews was extremely useful as I hadn’t been told most of this information before.’

Agana Gnanauruparan

‘Very useful. A lot of tips I had never considered previously and great practice of ethical questions’

Anonymous Student

‘Very useful! I learnt things which most other courses wouldn’t mention eg. which questions are the most important at the interview, guidance about work experience etc.’

Amani Shamas

‘It was one of the most useful Medical talks I have been to as it went into depth about the different aspects of a Medical application’

Olivia Hargave

‘The information was clear and well presented, and was very useful. The course was especially helpful for advice on work experience.’

Amani ShamasStudent, Invicta Grammar School

‘Very useful. I’m actually going to study Vet Med, but came along because a lot of the process is similar – it made me think a lot about the interview process especially.’

Salimatu Deen

‘The information was clear and well presented, and was very useful. The course was especially helpful for advice on work experience.’‘One of the best talks I have experienced. Very informative, engaging and concise. The speaker was knowledgeable and eager to engage us.’

Jacob Merchant

‘Glad that I came. Very resourceful, informative covering every aspect of the process. Injects a sense of relief in delivery whilst maintaining that angle of information.’

Manan Mehta

‘I found it really comprehensive and well thought out, providing a realistic and useful guide to the application process.’

M. Govin, Dr Challoner’s Grammar School

‘Extremely useful. Taught me A LOT of things I didn’t know before in a relatable way. Really appreciated the directed, specific advice. I understand how to get into Medicine much better now and I Know what steps to take next.’

Adebusola Elabiran

‘Really insightful talk on how to prepare and what to expect. Now I feel much more informed.’

Student, Dr Challoner’s High School

‘Very useful, interactive with engaging questions and prompts. Also enjoyable and informative. It was great to learn from someone who has been on the interview panel.’

Student, Dartford Grammar School

‘Extremely useful and focused on specific elements. Interesting throughout the time period and good reassurance as to what you’re aiming for. Really good focus on ethical debates.’

Basmah Ahmed

‘It helped me understand what was really needed for applying to Medicine and cleared any questions that I had. Also, the practice ethical dilemmas were very useful to get an idea about how the interview will be like.’

Meera Patel

‘I found this course deeply interesting, helpful and informative. I liked the massive interactive element. Also THANK YOU FOR THE RESOURCE PACK.’

Brandon Gill-Mahon

‘Incredibly useful as it provided a great insight into how the application process works as well as some great do’s and dont’s’

Piolo Perera

‘I found the talk extremely useful and it has really helped me to understand the application process, and the importance of many aspects of the application.’

Student, Dartford Grammar School

‘The course was extremely captivating. The information was presented in an articulate fashion and every detail was important.’

Tobi Fashola

‘Very useful – the booklet and BMAT worked answers along with tips are very good.’

Anonymous Student

‘The course proved to be very useful, other courses which I have attended have not been as detailed. I feel much more confident tackling the BMAT. On a separate note, my tutor was very engaging and an excellent teacher, he managed to explain all questions effectively and provided very useful tips.’

Student, Ilford County High School

‘The course was really useful and I learnt a lot. I have a much better understanding of how the BMAT works.’

Anonymous Student

‘Very useful. It answered a lot of my questions and gave me a lot of information.’

Anonymous Student

‘Very useful, will definitely improve my BMAT score.’

Student, Wirral Grammar School for Girls

‘Extremely useful. Great start to BMAT preparation. Great Interview tips. ’

AnonymStudent, Bradford Grammar Schoolous Student

‘The course provided plenty of insight into both the BMAT and the application process that I found really useful.’

Student, Raffles Junior College

‘Excellent UKCAT Course. Well put together and very clear.’

Anonymous Student

‘The UKCAT tips were very helpful as was the information provided in the booklet.’

Anonymous Student

‘Excellent UKCAT Course. Well put together and very clear.’‘Good coverage and tips on each section, good solid practical advice for studying and for test day.’

Anonymous Student

‘Very useful, was interactive which helped me learn better.’

Dharmveer Sharma

‘Very useful, gained many new skills which I did not previously have. Gained new insight on how to go about the UKCAT.’

Rumneek Kainth

‘This was a very useful day. Not too large a group and a great pace.’

Shireen Brookes

‘Very informative and clear on how to answer questions with good methods for each UKCAT question type.’

Anonymous Student

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