Temple School of Medicine Interview Questions

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General Interview Information

The average GPA at Temple (of accepted students) is 3.66 and the average MCAT score is 31.77. The acceptance rate is 4%.

Interview Format

The Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University explains that its interviews are not meant to be stressful, and that interviewers will attempt to make you feel at ease. The interview seeks those who have strong interpersonal skills, the ability to listen to other people and their point of view, those who possess self-confidence, those who are compassionate and those who are socially conscious. The interview consists of two interviews, an open interview with a physician or faculty member and a blind interview. There’s also a ‘writing activity’ which you must complete.

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Key Dates

Interviews run from September through March. Applicants are invited to interview from September to February. All applications must be submitted and verified by January 15th.

Recent Interview Questions

Motivation and Insight into Medicine
What does it mean to be a doctor?
What is an area of medicine that you don’t have much experience in that you would like to explore?
Sum up for me how your experiences will contribute to you being a good doctor.
Why do you think one zip code has an average life expectancy twenty years lower than another zip code?
What do social determinants of health mean to you?
What is the biggest healthcare issue today?
What is your motivation for a career in medicine?
What are some issues that you think healthcare will face in the next 10-20 years?
Why not do a PhD instead?
Do you agree with the current healthcare reform?
You are the medical director of a local shelter for the aging. You come in one day and the nurse tells you a man’s feeding tube has fallen out and is showing signs of pneumonia. Do you reinsert the feeding tube before doing a chest x-ray?
If you could reform healthcare what would you do?
What do you look for in a medical school? Why Temple?
What type of medicine (academic, private practice, community, etc) do you intend to go into?
Tell me about your research. What are the clinical implications of it?
Do you think patients going to an urgent care compromises or affects the relationship with their primary care physician?
What would you change about insurance?
How do you think you will adjust to the rigors of medical school?
What makes you want to become a physician?
What would you do if you don’t get accepted?
As a white person, how would you connect to the large African American population in this area?
What do you think of the US healthcare system vs the European healthcare model?
Describe your state’s healthcare climate.
Do you think that consciousness and individual thought are evolutionary advantages in humans, that we evolved to have these features so we would be the most dominant creature? Or do you think it was a spontaneous development?
What did you do differently in your second MCAT preparation?
What experiences do you have with direct patient care?
Tell me about your research experiences.
Do you think patients should be able to pay for better services, such as meals and beds?
If you were given the money to develop and implement one single program to help fix the current healthcare problems in America, what would you do?
Both your parents are physicians, has this influenced your decision to go to medical school?
Tell me about your clinical experiences.
What do you believe is the economic impact of urgent care?
What specialty are you interested in pursuing and why?

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Ethical Dilemmas
A woman comes to you asking for you to sign off on an abortion, saying that she already has three children and can’t deal with another pregnancy. Do you sign it?
Do you think it’s a problem that people abuse the ER (homeless trying to get off the street)? How do you propose to fix it? Is it the doctor’s responsibility?

General / Personal Statements
Tell me a little about your current position.
Tell me about every single aspect of your application.
Tell me about yourself.
What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?
Why would you be a good fit for Temple?
What was a time you failed?
Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
How will you balance school with other activities while in medical school?

Temple School of Medicine Interview Questions

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