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Teesside University Physiotherapy Overview

Teesside University, located in Middlesbrough, is renowned for its physiotherapy program, which has been ranked 1st for graduate prospects by the Complete University Guide 2023.

Students benefit from access to state-of-the-art facilities, including industry-standard labs, simulated ward space, a hydrotherapy pool, simulation suites, and IT suites. These facilities provide hands-on learning opportunities and ensure that students are well-prepared for the demands of the profession.

Additionally, the school offers an international exchange program that allows students to explore healthcare practices in different countries.

Admission Requirements:

Prospective students are expected to have level 3 academic study and a minimum of three GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above, including English language, maths, and science. Additionally, applicants must meet further specific academic entry requirements and provide a satisfactory personal statement demonstrating their understanding of the profession and commitment to their chosen program.

Candidates invited to interview will be assessed based on their knowledge of the profession, appreciation of the program’s demands, enthusiasm for the profession, and communication skills. The interview process aims to identify candidates who are well-suited to the rigorous demands of the physiotherapy program and the profession as a whole. Ensure that you cover all possible interview questions through the use of a question bank.

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Teesside Physiotherapy Interview Questions and Answers

What inspired you to pursue a degree in physiotherapy at Teesside University?

I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and its ability to heal. During my own rehabilitation from a sports injury, I was inspired by the role of physiotherapists in helping patients regain mobility and independence. Teesside University’s reputation for excellence in physiotherapy education, combined with its modern facilities and experienced teaching staff, made it the ideal choice for me to pursue my passion and turn it into a rewarding career.

Can you share a significant academic or clinical experience that has shaped your journey towards physiotherapy?

One of the most impactful experiences was during a work experience placement where I worked with a team helping a patient recovering from a stroke. Witnessing the progress and transformation of the patient through targeted exercises and compassionate care reaffirmed my commitment to physiotherapy. It highlighted the profound impact that skilled intervention can have on improving quality of life. This experience strengthened my resolve to excel in my studies and become a proficient physiotherapist capable of making a meaningful difference in patients’ lives.

How do you envision applying your physiotherapy skills and knowledge after completing your degree at Teesside University?

Upon completing my degree, I aspire to work in a multidisciplinary healthcare team, collaborating with other professionals to provide comprehensive care to patients. I’m particularly interested in specialising in musculoskeletal rehabilitation or neurological physiotherapy, where I can apply evidence-based practices to help patients achieve optimal physical function and well-being. Additionally, I’m passionate about community outreach programs and hope to contribute to initiatives aimed at promoting health and preventing injuries within the local community.

What sets Teesside University's physiotherapy program apart, and how do you plan to leverage these advantages in your career?

Teesside University’s physiotherapy program stands out for its strong emphasis on practical experience, modern facilities, and dedicated faculty. The opportunity to undertake extensive clinical placements and gain hands-on experience in diverse healthcare settings is invaluable. I intend to capitalise on these advantages by actively participating in placements, engaging with mentors, and seizing opportunities for professional development. By immersing myself in real-world scenarios and leveraging the university’s resources, I aim to graduate as a competent and confident physiotherapist equipped to address the evolving needs of patients and contribute meaningfully to the healthcare sector.

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Teesside University Physiotherapy Interview Questions

Clinical Experience:

  • How have your clinical work experiences shaped your understanding of physiotherapy practice?
  • Can you elaborate on a particularly challenging case you encountered during your practice placements and the team navigated it?

Professional Development:

  • What strategies do you plan to employ to continue your professional growth beyond your academic studies?
  • Which specific skills do you aim to further hone during your time in the physiotherapy program?

Patient Care:

  • Describe how you will approach fostering trust with patients undergoing physiotherapy treatment.

Ethical Considerations:

  • How will you ensure your practice aligns with ethical standards and professional guidelines in physiotherapy?
  • Share an ethical dilemma you encountered in your studies or work experience and how it was resolved.

Personal Reflection:

  • What motivates you to persevere through the challenges inherent in studying physiotherapy?
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