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Sydenham High School 11+ Overview & Information

Sydenham High School, an independent day school for girls located in South East London, is known for its commitment to providing a first-class education, as it has since its establishment in 1887. Part of the prestigious Girls Day School Trust, Sydenham High School emphasises both academic and pastoral excellence, striving to ensure its pupils succeed and are happy. The school nurtures resilience, confidence, independence, and ambition in its students, balancing high academic achievement with personal development and well-being.

The school’s environment is described as warm, friendly, and ambitious, fostering a genuine sense of community and belonging. With a focus on developing well-rounded individuals, Sydenham High provides phenomenal pastoral support and co-curricular excellence. The school’s smaller size allows for a more personalised approach to education, ensuring every student receives individual attention.

Sydenham High School 11+ Test Format

The 11+ admissions process at Sydenham High School is designed to assess a wide range of skills and aptitudes. The school conducts an entrance examination that includes assessments in Mathematics, English, and Verbal Reasoning.

  • Mathematics: The Maths paper evaluates students’ numeracy, logic, and problem-solving abilities. It is an hour-long assessment designed to test a student’s understanding of numerical concepts and their application.
  • English: The English paper is split into two parts: comprehension and creative writing. It lasts one hour with an additional 10 minutes for writing. The comprehension section involves answering questions based on a given text, assessing the ability to understand and respond to the text. The creative writing part tests the students’ ability to express themselves in writing, focusing on their use of spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Verbal Reasoning: This section assesses the ability to understand and reason using words, evaluating logical thinking and language skills.

Additionally, each candidate undergoes a 15-minute interview designed to understand more about the candidate’s interests and potential fit for the school.

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Sydenham High School 11+ Past Papers and Answers

English Sample Paper 1

Maths Sample Paper 1

Sydenham High School Ranking

Sydenham High School achieved a 57% A-Level pass rate, which is higher than the independent school average of 43.8% However, information on its ranking is not readily available.

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Sydenham High School 11+ Commonly Tested Areas & Exam Tips

Starting with Mathematics, the exam typically covers a broad spectrum of topics from the Key Stage 2 curriculum. This includes arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data handling. To excel, students should focus on strengthening their problem-solving abilities. This involves not just understanding mathematical concepts but also applying them to solve various types of problems. Encouraging students to see the practical application of these concepts in everyday life can be a great way to deepen their understanding. Regular practice with past papers or sample questions is crucial. This practice helps students become familiar with the question types, enhances their speed, and improves accuracy. Additionally, working on time-bound exercises can help students manage their time effectively during the actual exam.

For the English portion, reading comprehension and creative writing are the main focus areas. Students should be encouraged to read widely, covering different genres and styles. This exposure not only enhances their comprehension skills but also enriches their vocabulary and understanding of different writing techniques. When it comes to creative writing, regular practice is key. Students should be encouraged to write essays, stories, or even personal reflections. This practice should aim at developing a clear narrative structure, using descriptive language effectively, and mastering grammar and punctuation.

Feedback on these writing exercises can provide valuable insights for improvement.

In Verbal Reasoning, the ability to understand and logically process information presented in words is tested. Activities that encourage logical thinking and language skills, such as solving word puzzles and engaging in language-based games, can be beneficial. Building a strong vocabulary is also important in this section of the test.

Sydenham High School 11+ Success Rate

The exact success rate for the Sydenham High School 11+ exams is not specified in publicly available data. You should expect that more than half of applicants are successful, however.

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