Studying Medicine at the University of Turin

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The University of Turin is one of the oldest in Italy, founded in 1404. There are more than 79,000 students here, and more than 120 buildings across different parts of the city – as well as in the local area of Piedmont. Indeed, the university is on such a scale that it can be seen as a bit of a town within the city, boosting the wider city and ensuring that both bodies are at the forefront of research, innovation, training and employment. Given the scale of its student population, the university is one of the largest in Italy. It’s known for international research and for the range of courses that it offers, offering courses in every discipline bar Engineering and Architecture. It’s seen as a vital part of the wider community, and the university does its utmost to ensure that it promotes interaction and integration between itself and the wider city. This means encouraging dialogue and listening to others – which is very relevant for those looking to study Medicine.

There are an incredible 22 different libraries here, and the Botanical Garden and the university’s own museums – like the Luigi Rolando Human Anatomy Museum – are well known.

Turin Overview for Medicine

The University of Turin is particularly known for its Medical Diagnostic, Biosensoristics and Nanotechnology research centres – the first of which in particular is interesting for potential medics, and gives some insight into how the university is a leader in Italy for research.

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The Medicine Course at Turin

The MD program in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Turin is taught in English, and takes place at the San Luigi Gonzaga University Hospital, which has a range of teaching facilities. Through this there’s a simple route to the integration of students into clinical areas, as the medical school has a campus feel to it, with all students’ work and learning centred around the hospital.

The course is six years long and is broken up into two semesters per year, for a total of 12 semesters. The program begins with core scientific knowledge, covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as basic medical knowledge. Over time more medical and clinical knowledge and hands-on experience is added. Interactive teaching methods are deployed to ensure that students learn through a mixture of ways, and have to take responsibility for their own learning. Students can easily communicate with both other medical students and with faculty, as all learning takes place in the same location.

Tuition Fees at Turin

Turin is a public medical school, meaning that its tuition fees are calculated according to the ISEE (Equivalent Economic Status Indicator). This is a tool used to assess a family’s economic status, which permits a range of fees from 158 Euros up to around 3500 Euros per year. What you pay changes depending on your / your family’s economic background.

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Turin: City Overview for Students

Turin is perfect for students looking for a large and dynamic city in which to live and learn. It’s the third largest city in Italy, in the North West of the country, near the Alps. It’s known as a beautiful city, surrounded by a historical crown called the Corona Delle Delizie.

The city has fewer tourists, and fewer famous tourist attractions, than others of the largest Italian cities. However, it’s a very cultural and cultured place, and students are prioritised by the city, which has put policies in place to ensure that they have as good a lifestyle and experience here as possible.

There are many local museums, and the university takes an active interest in them, helping them – in turn making them an attraction for its students.

In terms of social activities, there’s a huge amount to see and do – not surprising given the scale of the city. There are also city-wide festivals of note like the Torino International Street Theatre Festival.

In terms of affordability, the cost of living is very high, especially when compared to Southern Italian cities. It’s comparable with Milan or Rome, with students paying around 1400 Euros per month on average for their living expenses.

Admissions and IMAT Scores for Turin

There are 70 places for EU students and 32 for non-EU students. IMAT scores required are 45.6 for EU students versus 44 for non-EU students, making the university relatively competitive.
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